Bullying is serious business. My son spent the better part of last year dreading school and begging me to let him stay home because bullies were making his life miserable. I’m already worrying about the start of the new year and he still has a month left of vacation. It’s a sad & distressing epidemic that just seems to be getting worse. As parents, we need to help our children learn to respect and stand up for themselves and others. That’s where Stephanie Marlett’s Stinky Toot Boy comes in!

Stinky Toot Boy Teaches Kids of All Ages About Bullying

Stinky Toot Boy Saves the Day

And with that, Pete ripped off the cape and threw it in a mud puddle. Jaxton was so embarrassed that all of a sudden, Pffft! He let out a loud, smelly toot. Jaxton’s face turned bright red as the children laughed at him.

It’s a funny name, right? So funny that it practically begs to be read. Stinky Toot Boy the tale of a little boy named Jaxton who has a rather unique character trait. He “toots” when he gets nervous! As you can imagine, this causes his peers to ostracize him and call him names. Jaxton tries so hard to fit in, but he’s ridiculed for an over-active bodily function that he just can’t control.

One day, a young girl named Emma looks past Jaxton’s stinky toots and tries to become his friend. By then, though, Jaxton is so used to being bullied and alienated that he pushes her away. He’s just too embarrassed to let her in.

Stinky Toot Boy Teaches Kids of All Ages About Bullying

One day, on a field trip to the park, the bully is being particularly cruel and even gets the other children to participate in the name-calling. While Emma tries to stand up for him, Jaxton is so hurt that he runs away and finds solace in a willow tree at the other end of the park. When all of a sudden the bully is attacked by a swarm of bees, Jaxton musters up the courage to be the bigger person, and scares the bees away with his toots. In the end, Jaxton saves the class bully from harm, and he is regarded as a hero.

Stinky Toot Boy Teaches Kids of All Ages About Bullying

The story was inspired by the birth of the author’s son, the original Stinky Toot Boy! Stephanie dealt with bullying herself as a child. When she became a mom, the yearning to protect her child led her to come up with a new solution to help prevent bullying. She wanted a character who was different from his peers and a way to empower him to overcome his fears while also embracing his own diversity. It’s something we all want for our children.

Stephanie wrote the book and the artwork is underway, but she needs help getting it published, distributed and marketed. That’s where you come in. She’s set up a Kickstarter page so you can help support her project. This is a great opportunity to support another work-at-home-mom AND give kids a fun new way to learn about preventing bullying. She’s already reached her first goal, let’s help her bring it home!



I love the concept of the book because it reaches such a wide audience. Kids as young as preschoolers and as old as late elementary school can enjoy the story and take away a valuable lesson about respecting others. As I’ve learned covering bullying facts over at OurFamilyWorld, bullying can start as young as preschool, so it’s important to reach kids at a young age. Stinky Toot Boy will help do that.

About the Author

Stephanie studied writing  at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and as a published writer for several newspapers, magazines and anthologies, she understands the importance of engaging an audience as quickly and succinctly as possible. Her experiences working as a preschool teacher, and later as an elementary tutor through the Los Angeles Unified School District, have allowed her to understand how to appeal to this unique age group.

About the Illustrator

Ryan Donoghue was brought on board to illustrate Stephanie’s children’s book. Ryan has worked in Animation and Entertainment fields for over 17 years now, and his impressive resume boasts Animation Director and Supervisor for feature films including Alvin and the Chipmunks, Night at the Museum, Chronicles of Narnia and many more! Stephanie is thrilled that he is helping her bring Stinky Toot Boy to life! You can see more of his amazing work here.

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