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You're Invited to a #TossTheTube Twitter Party on August 26 at 12PM!

Whos’ ready to #TossTheTube? The toilet paper tube, that is! Remember a couple weeks ago I told you about Scott Tube-Free? If not, let me refresh your memory. I shared with you about how we Americans go through 17 billion toilet paper tubes every single year! That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building twice! My household alone will go through enough to make up a piano over our lifetime!   Scott Naturals Tube-Free Toilet Paper solves the problem by ditching the tube. So long, farewell! You don’t need it anyway! The toilet paper fits on your regular spindle without it. See: You're Invited to Scott Natural's #TossTheTube Twitter Party! #ad #sweepstakes I just love it! It also unrolls just like you’d expect toilet paper to unroll. Plus it’s soft and gentle! Trust me, you’ll never miss the tube!  The 12-pack MEGA Rolls last a long time, at least for me. I put one pack in each bathroom. In my bathroom, I’m just starting my second to last roll and it’s been three weeks. You can find it at select Walmart & Target stores nationwide and through local retailers. My area has it at Shop-Rite and BJ’s. Use the Local Retailer Locator to find other stores in your area. So, for the exciting news: Scott Naturals is throwing aTwitter party to spread the word about their new TP! It IS one of the first major innovations in the toilet paper industry in 100 years, after all. That’s pretty worthy of a party, don’t you think?  You know what a Twitter party means, right? Yep, prizes! Woohoo! Let’s check out the who, what, where and why details, shall we?

Scott Naturals #TossTheTube Twitter Party Details

Who to follow:

Host: @thesimpleparent Co-host: @MommyMusings

What You Can Win:

(5) $50 visa or amex gift cards + Scott Tube-Free

When to show up:

August 26th from 12PM to 1PM EST

Where it’s at:

On Twitter, following the hashtag #TossTheTube. RSVP below!


Because it’s fun! Also because it’s a great way to learn about this fantastic new tube-free toilet paper from Scott Natural, hang out with some interesting people and possibly win some amazing prizes. Who doesn’t love a good Twitter party?

RSVP Here!

RSVP for the #TossTheTube Twitter Party!

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