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Happy National Dog Week! To celebrate, I’m sharing a little about what makes my dogs special to me every day of the year!  In our house, every week is “dog week.” I have three very well loved (in other words, spoiled) pooches. Tasha and Maia have been with me since they were 8 weeks old. They’re now 14. Cooper was 6 months when we rescued him from a really difficult life. He’ll be 9 in December.

Since my pups aren’t exactly pups anymore, they’re not super high-energy these days. When Tasha was younger, she was the self-proclaimed “Queen of Fetch.” She would fetch literally anything, from tennis balls to little bits of leaves that she’d spit out on your lap. She had a “fetch face” too, a specific look that she gave you that signaled she was focused on fetching and nothing else. It looked like this: Tasha, the Queen of Fetch, National Dog Week  [/caption] Now, she spends her days in retirement. Cuddling is her favorite activity, followed by treat time. She’s turned her “fetch face” into a “give me treats” face. Same concept, different overall body language. Still impossible to ignore. My poor girl is recovering from an illness right now, so we’re letting her rest as much as possible.

Maia is our alpha, or so she thinks. She’s always been the pampered princess.  Even Tasha doted on Maia. The day we brought her home, Maia had a nightmare. Tasha grabbed a bone and placed it on top of her to console her. Ever since then, well, everything that resembles a bone or a chew belongs to Maia first. Everyone gets one AFTER she does. Maia Beneful Maia loves the Beneful Healthy Smile Twists because they’re yummy. I like them because they help clean her teeth. She actually used to pick her own teeth when she was younger.  She also picked Tasha’s teeth! I actually dug up an old picture, check it out! Her foot is in her mouth! Maia Chewing the Foot We joked she was a dentist in a previous life. As she’s gotten older though, it’s harder for her to get her back paw in her mouth the way she used to. Cooper Walk Beneful Coop is still young enough to enjoy bouts of activity, although even he is slowing down these days. It makes me a little sad because I know they’re all getting older (or in Maia and Tasha’s case, they’re already there).  I try to take Cooper for walks as much as possible, but the hills in our area are rough on both of us (guess they’re not the only ones getting older). So we go out and walk back and forth in the cul de sac. We have a huge fenced-in yard where the dogs get some exercise, but Cooper in particular still likes to see what’s out front.

All my dogs love meal time! It’s definitely one of their favorite parts of the day! During National Dog Week, you can celebrate your own special furry friend by giving them a little extra something in their mealtime (if their diet allows, I know some pooches are on special diets). We add a little Beneful Chopped Blend wet food to the kibble to give it more texture and variety  Learn more about Beneful.


Speaking of kibble, in honor of National Dog week, you can Save $3 on Beneful  dog food with the purchase of any 13lb. or greater size bag! 


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How will you celebrate National Dog Week with your canine BFF?

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