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AvoDerm Cooper

Poor Cooper. Fall is a horrible time for him, as he suffers from major seasonal allergies. I feel your pain, buddy. Literally. My allergies have been causing my sinuses to slam up against my ears, making me cry like a toddler all week. Where I cry in sinus pain for months, Coop gets crazy itchy. Like “scratch his butt on every hard surface in the house” itchy. As a result, he’s losing patches of fur and looking pretty sad from behind.

AvoDerm Cooper 2

From the middle half to the front, he’s not losing any fur but he’s still looking worse for the wear. He’s also oddly self-conscious about pictures right now. He usually loves being the “blog dog” of the house and busts in front of everyone else to get in the picture. Lately, though, he’s been giving me a hard time about photographing him, as you can see in the picture right above, versus the first picture (which is how he looks without allergies).

We do have Coop on meds for his allergies as well as a special collar to make sure he doesn’t get fleas, and his hair is starting to come back. In the mean time, I really want to make sure his diet is giving his dry skin and fur a little more support. That’s why AvoDerm® Revolving Menu appeals to me so much.

AvoDerm Revolving Menu: Great for Sensitive Tummies & Skin Support

AvoDerm Revolving Menu is designed with a few major things in mind. First, as the name suggests, it’s a specially formulated revolving menu, meaning you can switch between the different varieties without messing up your dog’s system. In fact, it’s actually beneficial to revolve between the foods, that way your pooch doesn’t develop allergies or food sensitivities from chowing down on the same exact foods every single day. Plus, it’s just more exciting for them!

AvoDerm Product_Image_3_451x372

Second- and the major draw for me- it’s made with SAFE avocados, which is just incredible for skin and fur. Now, you can’t really go out, grab an avocado and give it to your dog. Parts of the fruit (vegetable? what is an avocado?) contain poisonous chemicals. AvoDerm, however, knows what they’re doing. They know where to get the right avocados and how to formulate it so it’s safe for our canine companions.

So what’s the big deal about avocados? Well, if you’ve ever used them yourself, you already know that an avo mask can do WONDERS for your hair, skin, nails, etc. Eating them is just as good for you. Now think about those benefits for your dog. They’re rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and jam-packed with antioxidants. Plus they contain nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Avocados also help your dog absorb more of the other nutrients in the AvoDerm Revolving Diet food.

Finally, AvoDerm is high-quality food made right in the US with California-sourced avocados. It’s made with meat protein as the first ingredient. No grains, no gluten, no white potatoes and no fillers. Just good stuff that your dog will love. I’ll be trying out AvoDerm with Cooper and updating you on the results. I’m really looking forward to seeing an improvement in his fur and skin. I’m also looking forward to having my photobomber back! I miss his excitement when the camera comes out!

Avo Brand_Logo_Image_90x90

If you’re ready to try AvoDerm yourself or want to take the 6-week-trial along with me, head over to the AvoDerm Revolving Menu website to check out all their foods and learn more. You can grab a $5 off coupon while you’re there, then check out the store locator to find it in your area. Follow AvoDerm on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.

Do your dogs have any seasonal allergies or skin issues? What do you do to help soothe them? What do you love about AvoDerm?