Ready for some wondrous facts about tea? Here’s the first one: Did you know that there are literally endless varieties of tea out there? Think about it! Just about any edible herb can be turned into a tea, and the combinations are never-ending.  I know I come across as strictly a coffee drinker, but I actually really love drinking tea too! During the summer, I live on the iced version. Once the nights turn chilly, I switch to hot tea. I also drink it whenever I’m feeling under the weather. There’s just something about a good cup of tea to soothe your aching soul.

Ready for some wondrous facts about tea? Here's the first one: Did you know that there are literally endless varieties of tea out there? Check out 9 more awesome tea facts, plus check out my TeaBox review and see how a quick quiz can net you the perfect cuppa!

I thought it would be fun to round up a few fun facts about tea! Then, I’ll tell you how you can take a quiz and get the perfect box of tea delivered to your from TeaBox. I already got mine (in exchange for an honest review, there’s you’re FTC disclaimer). Ready? Good!

9 Super Cool Facts about Tea

  • Made in China, perfected in India: Tea originated in China, but most of the world’s tea actually comes from India. In fact, it’s their second-largest industry!
  • It can tell the future! If you’ve ever watched Charmed or any other shows with witches or psychics, you know that tea leaves can tell the future. You’ll need to use loose tea for this. Just swirl the leaves around with a little bit of tea in the bottom of your cup (3 times, always 3 times!). Then look at the pattern. You’ll need to interpret it yourself, unless you know of a great psychic. I can read tarot but not tea leaves, sorry!
  • Bagged in America? Americans don’t have much claim to the tea trade in general, but we did invent the bags to put them in! We did it back in the 1800s. They were used for samples.

tea photo

  • Loose-y does it better: Those bags we invented? Not such a big favor to the tea world. Tea actually tastes better loose. It retains more of the flavor. Now, if you get your own bags and then put loose tea in them, that’s different!
  • Less caffeine, yet still stimulating: While tea contains about half the caff as a cup of Joe, it also contains a stimulant called theanine. So really, you’re getting to perk-me-ups for the price of one! Hmm, maybe I should switch to tea earlier in the day!
  • Americans are frigid tea drinkers: About 85% of the tea consumed in the US is the iced variety. If we didn’t succeed in seceding from England all those years ago, I have a feeling they’d disown us!
  • We’re getting warmer, though! Apparently, hot tea sales increased over 17% in the last 5 years.
  • The Earth loves tea! Did you know that tea is environmentally friendly? It comes from renewable plants and is naturally resistant to bugs (so no pesticides required). The whole oxidation process is natural, and many companies use recyclable packaging.
  • Your body loves tea: Ongoing research suggests that tea can help lower bad cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart attacks.

Get Your Perfect Cup Delivered with TeaBox

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Check out my TeaBox review and see how a quick quiz can net you the perfect cuppa! Plus, read 9 fun facts about tea!

You know how much I adore a good subscription box, right? I love it even more when they’re personalized to suit my own very picky individual tastes. TeaBox is an elegant new tea subscription service that starts with a quiz and ends with an amazing cuppa (actually, up to 150 amazing cups).

TeaBox Quiz

The quiz asks obvious questions, like how often do you drink tea, followed by not-so-obvious, like what types of savory foods you enjoy. When you’re done, pick the subscription that works best for your needs (or budget), then wait for your tea to arrive! I got a cute small subscription box with three different types of tea (two Darjeeling varieties and an amazing Vanilla Chai tea. Oddly enough, my 10-year-old son is a fan of the Darjeeling. I didn’t even know he knew what it was, but apparently he tried it during a sleepover last weekend.

Check out my TeaBox review and see how a quick quiz can net you the perfect cuppa! Plus, read 9 fun facts about tea!

The box comes with a really nice tea spoon that I’m just in love with. It’s shiny and pretty! So shiny that, if you look close, you can see me reflected in it taking the picture.  It’s called the TeaBox Ideal Teaspoon. I can totally see why. It makes scooping out just the right amount of loose tea such a simple task. You’ll also get muslin tea bags with your subscription, which you can wash out and reuse.

TeaBox personalized monthly subscription plans come in three sizes. If you want to just taste test a few varieties and get your spoon wet before diving in, go with the Tea Starter Plan for $9.99 per month. You’ll get 12-15 cups out of this plan, depending on how you brew. If you know you like tea and want more variety, but don’t need an ocean of it, go with the Tea Lover Plan for $19.99 a month. This gets you enough for 30-40 cups. If you’re a total tea fanatic, get the Tea Enthusiast plan for $39.99 a month and brew yourself up to 150 cups!

TeaBox has over 200 varieties of tea, so I think it’ll take months before you run out of new flavors to try out! They also have a huge store where you can buy tea and accessories without a subscription.Check out these great TeaBox coupons for the store!

Head over to TeaBox, take the quiz and start getting your perfect cup of tea now!

What is your favorite type of tea? Do you prefer hot or iced? Tell me all about your tea-drinking habits and share any other fun facts about tea that you know in the comments!

*Tea facts sourced from Tea Association of the USA and FineDiningLovers.