Does this sound at all familiar? You spent half of August pouring over all those beautiful Halloween crafts on Pinterest and blogs, pinning away and thinking “I’m so going to try that this year!” You buy the pumpkins and pool noodles (for wreath forms, of course!), the black lace and plastic spiders. You have a whole entire craft drawer all set! You are GOING to do it! You’re going to craft the heck out of this Halloween!

Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas (No Crafting Skills Required)

Then reality hits. You don’t have time to make 500 Halloween crafts! You don’t even have time to tie your own shoes before you go out the door in the morning! Don’t lament, my friend. I’ve found the freaking cutest Halloween decorating ideas that come from a store! You can still craft when you have a rare moment of time, then fill in the gaps with these cute ideas! Or, you know, just skip the crafting entirely. There’s always next year! Or Christmas!

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Busy Moms

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I did my best to find you stuff that isn’t on every doorstep and in every house, and that are classy. Scary will come later! I have a whole series planned, my friends.

Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas (No Crafting Skills Required)

Forget rotting pumpkins that you a) forget to decorate until two weeks AFTER Halloween or b) decorate a month BEFORE and end up tossing on October 30th when weird bugs start crawling out of it! Grab this ever-lasting metal polka dot pumpkin instead! Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas (No Crafting Skills Required)

Isn’t this Haunted House Scentsy Warmer so cute? I just became a Scentsy rep and honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. Anyway, they have all these cute warmers and stuff, but this is my favorite.

Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas (No Crafting Skills Required)

Novica is a great source for original decor. While they don’t have a ton of specific Halloween decorations, they do have different items that fit the theme, including this classy blown glass pumpkin candy jar! It’s handmade in Mexico.

relaxed black cat

Did you know that many cultures consider black cats to be good luck? Bring a little luck in your life with the Black Cat Relaxes sculpture, handcrafted in Bali and signed by the artist.

Top 3 from Pier 1

Pier 1 has mega-awesome Halloween decorating ideas out the wazoo. My personal favorites include:

Chalkboard Witches

This cute Witches Riding Chalkbaord Sign (bonus, it actually looks like you made it yourself)

Witch Hat Wreath 2

The purple version of the Witch Hat wreath. It also comes in other colors if purple isn’t your thing.


And of course, all three of the classic Halloween animals in one adorable sculpture in this Owl, Cat & Bat Stacker!

Pottery Barn Halloween Decorating Finds

Pottery Barn is another huge source of great Halloween decorating finds. My top three choices from their offerings this year:

Halloween Crow Pillow

The fact that this Halloween Crow pillow can handle hanging out indoors AND outdoors makes the $39.50 price tag more bearable. It’s 20″ square, so it’s a pretty decent size too.

Skull Candles

Who says skulls can’t be classy? These are probably the most elegant skull candles ever. Plus, they’re flameless, so your kids won’t knock them over and burn down the house!
Skeleton Hands

Sticking with the elegant bones theme, this Skeleton Hands Serve Platter is definitely a conversation starter!


There you go! Ten really great Halloween decorating ideas to get your home in the spirit of the holiday without you having to break out a single roll of Washi tape! If you DO want to get crafty, stay tuned, because I’ll share some of my favorite Halloween crafts shortly! I even tried to make a few myself! Tried, again, being the operative word there.

What are your favorite Halloween decorating ideas? Do you go all out and turn your home into a spooktacular haunted house or just add a few bits and pieces here and there? Tell me in the comments!