Minecraft modding. Two words that send shivers down my spine and make me run for cover. It started innocently. Jacob asked me to add a mod to his game about two years ago. I modded the heck out of my Sims games and thought “it can’t be that hard!” HA! Six hours later, I FINALLY managed to install a mod. Not the mod he really wanted, but a mod of some sort.

minecraft modding

Then a day later, the game updated and the mod broke. Oh. My. Gods. The tears. The tantrums. The balled fists and howls of rage! “How could they do this? They hate me! Life is so unfair!!!” Jake was a little upset too.

For parents who aren’t on the cutting edge of all things Minecraft, modding is a freaking nightmare. It’s never as easy as “they” say it’s going to be. It involves hours of finding a download that doesn’t contain a virus bent on wiping out humanity as we know it, then hours of downloading more things to make it work. It would be easier to just learn to write you own Minecraft mods!

Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies

Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies

Enter Wiley’s Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies. This book actually teaches you to mod your own game, so you don’t have to rely on virus-ridden code from other people. It even includes a free trial to the LearnToMod. The beauty of the book? It’s not just teaching your kids to mod a game, it’s also teaching them basic coding skills. Considering that Jake wants to design games when he grows up, this is a major plus to me.

Even if you don’t have a future game designer in your house, learning to code is a neat skill to learn. This is just another great way of using Minecraft as a teaching tool! The book even has icons that let you know when (and how) a certain section relates to coding and math on a grander scale.

Since the book is written for kids, it’s easy to follow, even for us parents who are SO lost when it comes to the Minecraft world. Remember, the one time I played, I got stuck in the center of the earth and my son had to bail me out. He also practically built Fallingwater in the time it took me to make a hovel. A very small hovel. Okay, a wall.

As expected from a Dummies book, the chapters are concise and easy to follow. This particular book lies flat so you can easily refer to it while you’re playing. It’s also in full-color, which improves readability in my opinion. Honestly, my son had an easier time reading it than I did! Mostly because he had the core knowledge required to get started.

By the time your kids (or you) are done reading, they’ll be able to do cool things like make their own Minecraft minigames, use drones to build structures, create a house with one click (I so need this one!), and loads more. Kids can also share their mods with other Minecraft players. I still can’t quite figure out some of the mods already out there, but this is a great way to get started learning to create your own enhancements.

If your kids are crazy for Minecraft, this is definitely a book they’ll want in their library. Minecraft modding for Kids for Dummies isn’t just a fun way to make the game more exciting, it’s really an educational experience as well. Ready to check out an excerpt?

Minecraft Modding for Kids for Dummies Excerpt

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Wiley, from Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies by Sarah Guthals, Stephen Foster, Lindsey Handley. Copyright © 2015

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Visit Wiley to learn more about Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies and other great Dummies books! Buy your copy in print or ebook format now.


Have you ever tried Minecraft modding before? Do you have any tips that I can share with Jake?