Today is “Random Photo Friday” also known as “Nikki has a killer earache and didn’t get anything written for today, so she’s tossing up a few pictures in hopes that you’ll think it was some sort of cleverly planned meme.” Since the internet loves cats (as do I), I’m sharing a few pictures of my kits being their silly selves.

Random Photo Pru

Prue, sitting oh so dainty, but with a totally creepy grin on her face. She is obviously plotting to overthrow the world’s governments. Right now, Prue is standing next to me and nudging my hand every two seconds. It’s not 9AM yet, Prue! She will harass me until I feed her.

Random Photo Spot the Feral

Let’s play a game called “spot the feral!” This little guy lives outside, along with about six other cats (that number goes up and down). We feed the ferals and build little shelters for them for the winter. They’re curious and will get pretty close to us, but only one lets us pet him. It’s not this guy (or girl) though.

Random Photo Zoe

And, of course, little Miss Zoe, being her weird Zoe self in the popcorn bucket. We’ve also found her sleeping in the bread pan, behind the toaster and pretty much any other place she can shove herself into. When she was really tiny, she slept in shoes, like a little shoe elf.

I hope you enjoyed these totally planned random photos. Now, if anyone has any great remedies for an earache, PLEASE please please let me know in the comments. Anything. Natural, supernatural, I’m totally open to suggestions.