Have you ever looked at a scooter and thought “that just doesn’t seem like much exercise?” Rockboard Scooters is about to change that! Jacob got the chance to try one out in exchange for an honest review, and so far he’s loving it. As a parent, I’m thrilled with it because it really puts his whole body into the scooter experience.

Take Riding to Whole New Levels with the Rockboard RBX Scooter

Ever since Jake was little, he’s loved riding scooters. He was just never a bike kid. He has one. A brand new shiny one, in fact, that he begged for as a 10th birthday gift. He rode it twice so far. He just doesn’t feel comfortable on it. With scooters, though, he’s like the wind! I love that they get him outside and active, but I look at him and it seems like he puts his foot down once or twice, then coasts the rest of the way. Sure, that one leg is getting a great workout, but I feel like he’s missing something. Apparently, Rockboard Scooters felt the same way. So they fixed it!

Give your kids a better workout with Rockboard

Rockboard Scooters look like your average kickboard scooter. They assemble pretty much the same way too. Jacob received the Rockboard RBX and it took just minutes to put together with the easy instructions. When I assemble things, I have a “crying meter” for judging the ease and level of engineering skill required. 0 is no tears, 10 is a 1,000 piece building blocks set that has me bawling in a corner rocking back and forth. Assembling the Rockboard RBX didn’t make me cry at all, putting it at a solid 0 for skill level needed.

Take Riding to Whole New Levels with the Rockboard RBX Scooter

Once put together, you’ll need to adjust the handlebar height for your child. I left the handlebars up too high at first, way over-estimating that recent growth spurt. No problem, once Jake got on, I just moved them down until he said it was comfortable. The RBX can handle up to 220 pounds, meaning adults can ride too. The handlebar height definitely takes that into account. Jake can ride this for years to come. In fact, there’s a good chance he’ll never outgrow it!

Take Riding to Whole New Levels with the Rockboard RBX Scooter

We took the Rockboard RBX down to the bottom of the driveway and into the cul de sac for a test spin. Jake is used to the traditional kick board, so he started out that way. You CAN use the Rockboard that way if you want.

Take Riding to Whole New Levels with the Rockboard RBX Scooter

However, the real fun and workout comes in when you use the “rocking” part of the equation. Rather than throwing their foot off to keep momentum going, kids use their bodies to rock back and forth. Let’s check out a video from Rockboard Scooters to see what I mean (since Jake is still mastering it)

Another feature that I LOVE: the Rockboard has a handbrake to stop. Jake has ruined so many pairs of shoes from using his feet as brakes. Plus, I just feel like it’s safer than putting a foot out to stop a fast-moving scooter, know what I mean?

I know Jacob is going to get a ton of use out of his Rockboard RBX. It’s very well-designed and fun for him to use. I’m also looking at their skateboards now. They have this super cool Rockboard Descender board that I think would be perfect for Jake to learn on. He has an old cheap skateboard that just isn’t cutting it, and he wants to learn that next. Since I used to hang out with skaters and have seen the injuries that can occur, I want him to learn one something that just looks steadier on the ground! If anyone has tried that out, let me know!

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