If you’re an app addict like me, chances are you’re looking for some fun Halloween apps to fill up that “Holiday” folder you have sitting on your iPad home screen. I’ve got you covered.

Spooky fun & totally cute Halloween apps for all ages (yep, moms too!)

I spent four hours last night downloading and trying out different Halloween games and pumpkin carving apps to find the best ones for both you and the kiddos. Because hey, we need a little spooky fun too! Check out my top picks!

Fun Halloween Apps for Everyone

Carve-a-Pumpkin parents magazine

Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents Magazine: At first glance, this doesn’t really seem like an exciting pumpkin carving app. It has a limited number of faces, features and decorations to play with. However, it lets you free-hand carve your pumpkin, which opens up unlimited possibilities. When you’re finished, you can save a nice photo, email it or share it on social media. This actually amused me for a while! Plus, everything is free, so your kids aren’t teased with locked items that you have no intention of paying for. Grab it in the App Store.

Pumpkin Maker

Pumpkin Maker (Sunstorm Interactive): This one is a bit more of an extreme pumpkin carving app, for really serious pseudo-carvers. I got the free version, and I’ll admit, it is kind of limited. I’m honestly thinking of upgrading to the full version for $2.99 because there is a TON of stuff to unlock. I like this app because it’s fun for all ages. Like really, all ages. Little kids can mess around with it without a lot of help, but older kids (and us moms!) can fine-tune the pumpkins like crazy. One complaint, the X button deletes EVERYTHING. DO NOT PUSH THE X! I thought it was just going to delete the sunglasses I didn’t like on my pumpkin. Other than that, though, it’s fun!

Halloween Mahjong

Halloween Mahjong: I used to spend hours playing Mahjong back when I had a Pogo account (does that still exist?). Every now and then, I miss it. So I dig it out around the holidays, when I can find cutesy versions of it, like this one! It’s the same basic concept of every other Mahjong game out there, except with Halloween icons on the tiles. This one was more for me. This one is available in the App Store, Google Play and  even just online right from your PC. Check out 24/7 Games to get the links to your platform.

Halloween Pics Party

Halloween Pics Party: I downloaded a few of those “guess the pictures” games, including one that was a Halloween logo game. I couldn’t even get past the first level of that one. This one is pretty easy, at least for the levels I played. I imagine it gets harder. They always do! For the early levels, though, this is great for kids because it helps develop critical thinking and spelling skills. When it does get harder, it becomes a fun bonding game. Get it in the App Store. 


Halloween WordSearch

Halloween WordSearch by Finblade: Word search puzzles are fun for all ages! They’re great for teaching spelling and reading. Jacob’s teachers use them as part of lesson plans. This particular Halloween word search app is my favorite because it’s totally free, really cute and loaded with different games. Get it in the App Store. I’d go search for it IN the actual app store, though. That link is the only one I could find and it’s an outdated version. There’s a newer, more beautiful version in the actually app store on your phone or iPad.

Jigsaw HD

Jigsaw Collection HD: First, make sure you get the right one. It has to say Jigsaw Collection HD, not just Jigsaw HD. Two totally different apps. One rocks, the other, not so much. Now, this isn’t specifically a Halloween app, but it has fall and Halloween puzzle collections. I can’t remember if I paid for them or not. Some things are free, some things cost between $1.99 and $3.99 depending on the collection size. Totally worth it. This is one of my all-time favorite game apps.



Make-A-Zombie: If you or your kids are into the whole zombie thing, this is a pretty cute app! You don’t get much for free, but enough to mess around a bit and create a gruesome little beast. If you want to unlock extras, it costs between $0.99 and $3.99 (for a mega pack). One neat thing: if you totally fall in love with your zombie, you can order it on a t-shirt or other merchandise. My son is highly amused by this app. Grab it in the App Store. 


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