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New TB Blood Test Gives Accurate Results In Just One Visit

Tuberculosis testing isn’t usually at the front of our minds as parents. We worry about broken bones, stranger danger and whether our kids are eating enough vegetables. As far as illnesses go, colds and the flu is at the forefront, especially as we move into fall. Maybe we should be thinking a bit more about TB, considering one-third of the world’s population is infected with it.

TB Blood Test

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I lived in Japan for two years, so TB was a huge concern for me. TB is a significantly higher threat over there than it is in the US. Although Japan managed to get the rates down significantly after WWII, while I was there they still faced a 34.8 per 100,000 rate, compared to a 6.4 per 100K in the US. That meant I was nearly six times more likely to contract TB while living there.  I was a Navy wife, and the military took that seriously. I was tested before they “sponsored” me to live there. We were also supposed to be tested before we left, but we slipped through the cracks. I had to wait until we had insurance again to get tested on my own back in the states.

I’ve also been tested multiple times for jobs, as well as for nursing school. All the tests I’ve had involved the skin prick. I almost missed my great-grandmother’s funeral because it fell during the time I had to get one of my tests “read.” Thankfully, since my aunt was an EMT & an MA at the time (she’s now an RN), the doctor gave permission for her to read it.

When I was in nursing school, one of my friends tested positive for TB. It was a false positive, but it didn’t matter. After that, she had to go back several times to prove she was clear. I also had a friend in nursing school who came over from the Philippines. She had a vaccine in the past and it caused her to test positive. Then she had to have other tests done to prove that she wasn’t infectious. The skin prick test was standard for 110 years. It’s faulty at best, downright ineffective at worst. No more. Now we have a TB blood test!

The TB Blood Test: A More Accurate Way to Test for Tuberculosis

The TB Blood Test is a major scientific improvement over the old way of testing for tuberculosis, and the ONLY way to test with completely objective results. The skin test is open to interpretation. If you happen to end up with a pimple over the test site, it could be read as positive. It’s just not reliable.

It’s also a pain in the butt! Not only do you have to schedule that first appointment, but then you have to carve time out of your incredibly busy schedule within a set amount of time later to drive ALL THE WAY back to your doctor so they can “read” it. Not to mention the fact that it always made my skin itchy. Plus it hurt me. I don’t care what they say, it hurt me. I’d much rather have a professional phlebotomists do a quick 3ml draw. They know how to draw blood while causing the least possible amount of pain.

The TB Blood test is the most accurate test for TB infection. There is no cross reaction with the TB vaccine. One visit, one blood draw, results go from the lab to your doctor to you.

Learn more about the TB Blood Test and how it works, then schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss if it is necessary for you or your children.

Have you ever had a TB skin prick test? Did you have any problems with negative reactions or results? Tell me about it in the comments