Fall break is the perfect time to do a little traveling! Check out my travel bucket list of great places to visit during your vacation!

With fall break just about a month away, it’s a great time to start looking into those travel deals and planning a fun getaway. Maybe you and your college friends are in need of a break (spring break is months away!). Perhaps you’re a family of five looking for a fab vacation destination so you can avoid cooking a turkey dinner for 50 people. Whatever your reason for needing a getaway, fall break is the perfect time to get out and explore!

I have so many places on my travel bucket list, from states within our own sea to shining sea borders to countries across the pond. This post could easily have been titled 999+ beautiful places to visit! I needed some sort of criteria to narrow it down. What do these particular 9 places have in common? First, they’re actually ON my list of places to visit. Second, you’ll find a Residence Inn by Mariott in all of the locations. Why is that important, aside from the fact that this post is sponsored in part by Mariott? I’ll tell you more in a bit, but mostly because Residence Inn is just the best place to stay when traveling in groups!

Now, on with the 9 places that are high on my travel bucket list of places to visit during a fall break!

Travel Bucket List: 9 Places that Are Perfect for a Fall Break Vacation

Anchorage, Alaska: This has been high on my travel bucket list forever. I think fall would be a good time to visit because, according to the November 2015 weather forecast, it seems like you get a good mix of what Alaska has to offer without the extremes. A little snow, a little sun and hopefully a whole lot of northern lights!  Stay at the Anchorage Midtown Residence Inn.

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

Denver, Colorado: I was born in Colorado, but we left when I was just a couple of months old. I would love to go back and see it! If you love skiing, head out towards the end of November. Many of the ski resorts will be up and running. I fall down on skis, but love the snow and mountains! Colorado is perfect because while you have ski weather in higher elevations, November isn’t terribly cold in areas like Denver (according to the weather forecast, anyway!)

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

New Orleans: I visited New Orleans back in 1993, after I graduated high school. It was summer and SO hot! I’d love to go during November, when the temps aren’t quite so bad. If you go around Thanksgiving, you’re hitting the tail end of hurricane season, so it’s a risk. Knock on wood, experts predicted a relatively quiet season this year. New Orleans is such an incredible city to visit, so rich and diverse, full of history and mystery. Even though I’ve been there, I want to go back again.

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

Charlotte, North Carolina: Looking for warmer weather in the states? North Carolina is a great choice for the fall. Sure, it’s not exactly beach weather anymore come November, but with temps in the 50s and 60s, it’s perfect strolling and site-seeing weather. Charlotte has a little bit of everything: arts and stunning architecture, shopping, nightlife fun, and more. I’ve driven through it but never had a chance to really see it up close.

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

Seattle, Washington: I’ve been to the airport in Seattle, but never the actual city. Seattle hosts tons of fun festivals and events throughout November, including a Zombie Run on the 14th, a Thanksgiving Run on the 26th and tons of holiday events after the 27th. A quick glance at just one calendar of events tells me I’d never be bored there!

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

Quebec: I’ve been working with Olfa of OurFamilyWorld for years, but never actually met her in person because she lives in Canada. I’d love to head up and say hello, then check out Quebec. She wrote about a beautiful village called Mont Tremblant that looks just amazing around the holidays. Sure, it’s cold, but sometimes it’s worth bundling up to experience such a beautiful province like Quebec!

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

Munich, Germany: My very mixed lineage includes a good chunk of German, so this has been high on my list since I was a child. My grandfather spent a lot of time over there and brought be back so many souvenirs. Apparently, we have a “family chalet” over there somewhere too! Isn’t that kind of a castle? See, I AM a princess!! Told you!


Edinburgh, Scotland: While I may not be Scottish (I’m Irish and English though), I’ve always wanted to see the Moors of Scotland. I don’t really even know what moors are, but they sound dark and mysterious, ergo, I must see them! Ooh, and bogs! The bogs sound neat too. I read a story once where the bogs preserved all sorts of weird stuff. Plus Scotland just looks insanely gorgeous.

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

San Jose, Costa Rica: My brother went there on vacation a couple of years ago and said it was gorgeous. If you’re looking for a warmer getaway, this is it. Costa Rica is relatively inexpensive, especially if you’re an outdoorsy type person. Relaxing on the beach or hiking and taking in the scenery doesn’t cost much more than gas money, and there’s no shortage of beautiful places to see!

Fall Travel Bucket List: 9 Beautiful Places to Visit Over Fall Break

You’ll find a Residence Inn by Mariott at all of these great places to visit for fall break. So why should you stay at a Residence Inn? Take a look at a few of my top reasons:

  • More personal space: It’s like staying in an apartment. Even the smallest studio suites have a separate living area, so everyone can have a little quiet time away from each other at the end of a long day out and about.
  • Saves money on food: With free hot breakfasts and in-suite kitchenettes, you don’t have to eat out as often. Save money for the attractions you really want to see instead of throwing it all away on take-out! They’ll even deliver groceries right to your door.
  • Let’s you pack lighter: Packing 7 days worth of clothes for five people can really add heft to your suitcase, which adds heft to your flight costs! Since Residence Inn has on-site laundry and dry-cleaning, you can pack lighter!
  • Lower rates for longer stays: The longer you stay, the less you pay per night.
  • Plenty of great amenities: Residence Inn wants you to feel at home. You’ll find all the things you love about your own house, like free high-speed internet access, outdoor patios with BBQs and more, PLUS all the things you don’t have at home to make you feel pampered! Unless you have a pool and fitness room, in which case, well, they have the things I don’t have at home!

Residence Inn really just makes sense when you’re traveling, whether it’s with a large family, a few close friends or just yourself! For more ideas on places to visit with a Residence Inn nearby, check out their downloadable PDF list of locations.

What’s on your travel bucket list? Where would you go if money was no object? Tell me in the comments!