Derek the Ghost is back with another thrilling installment of Scary School, and I thought Halloween week was the perfect time to tell you about it! I’ve been a fan of Scary School since I read the first book back in 2012. I couldn’t be more thrilled with Derek’s success! His tales of mystery, intrigue and comical un-dead mayhem really get kids excited about reading. That always makes me happy!

Check out Scary School #4: Zillions of Zombies by Derek the Ghost to see what fate befell out dear friend Charles Nukid after the end of the last installment!

Zillions of Zombies & Fun Unleashed in Scary School #4!

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The latest installment is called Scary School #4: Zillions of Zombies. I’m betting you can figure out what’s going to happen in the story by the title! The story picks off where the third book, Scary School #3: The Northern Frights, leaves off, right after Charles Nukid (who, at this point, isn’t quite a new kid at school anymore!) and his pals at Scary School defeated the Ice Dragon. They were just getting ready to celebrate-Penny Possum even said yes to being Charles’ date!-when Charles was whisked away to Monster Kingdom by a bearodactyl and crowned as their new king!

After a re-introduction (re-re-re-introduction, actually), we jump into the story. Charles is in his new kingdom, trying to get the unruly monsters under control and following rules. Meanwhile, back at the dance, things aren’t going so well either. Guess what interrupts the dance? You betcha: zombies! Loads of them! Zillions, to be exact! Now, the kids of Scary School have to figure out how to defeat them while their hero is missing in action. And Charles? Well, fortunately, he has Lattie the Ninja Girl, Petunia the Purple Girl and Penny Possum to come to his rescue. They’re joined by Dr. Dragonbreath and Johnny the Sasquatch.

As with the previous Scary School installments, Zillions of Zombies is incredible fun for middle-grade kids (and their parents!). The story line is filled with things that go bump in the night. Jacob was always terrified of monsters (well, not always, he loved them when he was three, but then I ruined it with a bad trip to a Halloween store), so seeing them portrayed in a humorous light really helps take the terror out of them.

Derek the Ghost narrates the stories in a way that is instantly accessible to upper elementary and middle-grade kids. It takes a special kind of author to “get” kids this age, to speak on their level without talking down to them or sound like they’re trying way to hard to be cool. Derek completely nails it.

Check out the Scary School website to learn more about the other books in the series. You’ll also find fun bonus chapters, cool music downloads and more!

Surprise your kids with a copy for Halloween, or add it to their Christmas stockings! Either way, you can’t go wrong with Scary School. I’m just sad that this is the end of the series!

Do your kids read the Scary School series? Who are their favorite characters?