Fun little free Halloween word art printable in a the shape of a cat. Comes in 5 colors, so it matches any Halloween decor theme!

Now that it’s October, I feel it’s actually the proper time to really start getting into the Halloween decorations! I’ve been holding off, because I don’t want to be bored of everything by the time October 31st rolls around. I was messing around with typography apps the other night (because I have like 700 of them at this point!) and came up with a cute little Halloween printable decoration. Then I made it in four more colors, in case I get bored with one! Then I thought I’d share, because sharing is caring!

Black Cat, Orange Cat, Purple Cat, You get the point cat!

My two favorites are the plain white background and the black background. I think the black has that total 1970s vintage look to it. They grayish background isn’t too bad. I don’t really love the purple and orange as much, but I thought maybe someone else would, and it only took an extra few seconds to make it in those colors.

Click on each of the pictures to go to a full-size JPG version, or the link beneath them to get a printable PDF.

Free Halloween Word Cloud Printable

Grab the white Halloween cat printable PDF here.


Black Cat Free Halloween Printable

Get the black cat PDF here.

Black Cat Halloween Printable Orange

Free Halloween printable with orange background PDF


Free Cat Halloween Printable

Get the PDF version here.
Purple Background Free Halloween Printable Cat

Grab the PDF version here.

Looking for more fun Halloween printables? I have a few other ones that you can download and print out. I’m not like a super artist or anything, but they’re cute enough I think. Check out:

I may try making a few other printables between now and the big night. We’ll see. I’m always learning new things, it just really depends on how confident I am in my creations. I look at them and think “well, gee, I think they’re okay, but will anyone else?” The whole anxiety thing, ya know? Do you have any favorite apps that you use to make printables? PLEASE tell me, because I can’t find the right keywords for the app store to bring up anything that I’m looking for!

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet?