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With fall officially here, the time for traditions has begun. From January 1st through the end of September, Jacob and I have a few little traditions here and there, but nothing like our fall and winter ones. For example, we trick or treat in the same neighborhood every single year…and it isn’t even our neighborhood! We’ve been going to my friend’s area since Jacob was a few months old. We have a favorite pumpkin patch, must-have Thanksgiving menu items and so on.

Start Your Next Family Tradition in Gulf County, Florida #GCFLnofilter

I’d really like to add a family vacation to our traditions, and Gulf County, Florida has just been calling my name for a while now. I’ve always loved the laid-back nature of the Gulf County area. It’s a destination, not an attraction. A place to really connect with your family.  A place that just absolute delights you!

Now, they have this amazing Gulf County Adventure Guide that really gives you insider information on the best spots to check out while you’re there. With ideas likes these, Gulf County isn’t just a spot you visit once and forget, it’s a place that becomes part of your family’s traditions. Check out a few of my favorite adventures!

Must-See Gulf County, Florida Adventures

See the Baby Turtle Red Carpet: What an amazing experience it would be for both me and Jacob to watch baby turtles hatch and head to the ocean! Can you imagine? If you’re in Gulf County between May and September, you can actually be part of marking the nests in a Turtle Treasure Hunt. Then head back to see them hatch! Even if you don’t make the marking, watching the babies emerge is still a spectacular and educational way to spend your family vacation.

Start Your Next Family Tradition in Gulf County, Florida #GCFLnofilter

Spend time with the Dolphins: The majestic sea mammals, not the sports team! Whether you catch the dolphin parade in the morning or take a boat ride for a feeding at dusk, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get an up-close view of some frolicking dolphins while in Gulf County. I’d absolutely have to have my mom along for this! Dolphins are her favorite animal.

Start Your Next Family Tradition in Gulf County, Florida #GCFLnofilter

See Life on the Bay: I love that Captain Charlene, owner of About Fun Charters, doesn’t structure her EcoTours, but rather lets the day-and the bay- just take you on your own adventure. I’ve always been the fan of the unstructured structured tour, if that makes sense. I like someone there to guide me, but not steer me. With her adventures, you just head out and see life! Sounds like my kind of vacation!

Start Your Next Family Tradition in Gulf County, Florida #GCFLnofilter

Just watch the moon rise: Now, this is a view I could definitely get used to! Isn’t it incredibly romantic? The perfect way to end the perfect day. I’d love to see this with my boyfriend, Sal! Gulf County, Florida has some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets, but they also have outstanding moon rises too!

Gulf County Moonrise

So many adventures await you and your family in GCFL! Whether you’re more of a laid-back, take the day as it comes type family or a “give me structured tours,” you’ll find it all waiting for you. Every season brings something new to offer, so you’ll want to go back again and again.

Head over to the Gulf County Adventure Guide to start planning your own new family vacation traditions!


What adventure would you choose in Gulf County? Tell me in the comments!  

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