While brainstorming this particular fall fashion post for the monthly Style Hop, I came across a post on the best sweaters for fall on a major fashion magazine’s website. Cool! I LOVE a good sweater! I live for sweater season! So I peeked at the gallery. The first sweater cost $325. Wow.  The next one? $525! That wasn’t even the worst, either.  One sweater on the list actually cost $1,230! Um, that’s slightly more than my monthly rent!

No woman should have to choose between paying her bills and looking fabulous! Check out 11 gorgeous, cozy fall sweaters that don't cost more than your rent! Every sweater is under $50. Several even cost less than $20!

I did see a few $70-100 sweaters sprinkled throughout, but the majority of the fall sweaters cost more than at least two of my monthly bills combined, be it cable and internet, car insurance and groceries, etc.  I cannot see shelling out half a months rent or more on a single sweater. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I also can’t imagine that any of you really want me to fill up a post with sweaters that have a combined total of a one-year tuition to a good college! So instead, I’m offering up beautiful, cozy fall sweaters that you and I can actually afford. I hope you like them!

Cozy Fall Sweaters You Can Actually Afford

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I went with a $50 or less price range here, and aimed for a good mix of price ranges below that. You’ll find great sweaters for as low as $18.

Lovable Panda Print Pullover Knit Sweater: 11 Affordable Fall Sweaters
Lovable Panda Print Pullover Knit Sweater
 from Oasap.com, $17.99. Isn’t it adorable? I so need it! I don’t think I’d pair it with a cut-off mini skirt, but the sweater is just perfect!

Comfy Dip Dye Sweater: 11 Affordable Fall Sweaters
Comfy Dip Dye Sweater
 from Oasap.com, $18.99: Every girl needs a little ombre sweater in her fall wardrobe, don’t you think? For under $20, I’d love to get this in a couple of colors!

Chic Striped Paneled Tasseled Poncho: 11 Affordable Fall Sweaters
Chic Striped Paneled Tasseled Poncho
 from Oasap.com, $24.99: Ponchos are back in a major way! I remember the trend from my high school years, too bad I ditched all those great sweaters. I like the whole concept of sweater ponchos because they’re roomy yet cozy.


11 Cozy Sweaters for Fall That Won't Bust Your Budget: FOREVER21 Women's Striped Sweater
FOREVER21 Women’s Striped Sweater $19.90: I have way too many striped sweaters already, but I’d totally add this one to the mix! I love it because it’s not over-enthusiastic on the stripes. Plus for under $20, can’t beat it!
11 Cozy Sweaters for Fall That Won't Bust Your Budget:Old Navy Womens Popcorn Stitch Sweater Size XL Tall - Graphite
Old Navy Womens Popcorn Stitch Sweater, $35: More than half my wardrobe comes from Old Navy. They have really great prices on clothes that hold up to just about anything. While $35 is totally fair for this simple yet cute sweater, I will hold out for one of Old Navy’s epic sales before grabbing it.

Dorian Sweater
Dorian Sweater from Sosie, $45: Sosie is a little pricier than the previous finds, but they have an amazing selection of gorgeous sweaters. The prices average between $35-45, with a few running into the $50s and above. You can also find some great deals under $30, depending on your tastes.

Alpine Sweater

Alpine Sweater
from Sosie,  $45: This is one of my favorite finds from Sosie. I love the pattern and the colors. It looks like such a cozy fall sweater, yet not so heavy that you’ll sweat to death when wearing it indoors.

Chic Zigzag Printing Pullovers Sweater
Chic Zigzag Printing Pullovers Sweater
 from Oasap.com, $31.99: My favorite from Oasap, even though I’m not usually a pink kind of girl. Sometimes you need something a little brighter in your wardrobe though, right? Doesn’t it look so cozy?

Cozy Long Sleeve Sweater in Wine by Piko

Cozy Long Sleeve Sweater in Wine by Piko
, $44: This lightweight burgundy beauty is a must-have for those casual winter parties coming up. It pairs great with jeans for super casual or dressed up nicely with black pants for a little more elegance.

Chic Color Block Stripe Slit Sweater
Chic Color Block Stripe Slit Sweater
 from Oasap.com, $27.99: This sweater will have you feeling all sorts of collegiate during the fall! It’s the epitome of preppy with a fun twist.

Franklin Sweater

Franklin Sweater
 from Sosie, $39: Finishing off these fall sweaters, something neutral yet feminine, classy yet comfy. Love the subtle splash of color in the light blue band at the bottom, don’t you?

Grand total for all of them: just under $350.  These 11 cozy fall sweaters are a great way to start building your autumn and winter wardrobe with warm pieces that don’t destroy your budget. After all, no woman should have to choose between paying her bills and looking good!

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Which of these fall sweaters would you wear? Tell me your favorites in the comments!

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