I have an amazing giveaway for you today sponsored by BuyDig, just in time for the start of the holiday season! One of you will take home a shiny new Canon PowerShot SX530 HS 16MP 50x Opt Zoom HD Digital Camera 16GB Premiere Bundle!

Capture Your Holiday Magic with the Canon PowerShot Bundle from BuyDig + Giveaway #DigMyOrder

I’m excited to help BuyDig kick off the return of their super popular #DigMyOrder promo. From now through December 27th, after you make a purchase, just send out a tweet with your order number, a brief description of your purchase and the #DigMyOrder hashtag. BuyDig will pick up the tab on the cost of the order for a lucky few (up to $500)! Let’s check out this awesome camera, then we’ll talk a bit more about the #DigMyOrder promo!

Capturing Memories with the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS

Disclosure: I received products mentioned below in exchange for sharing my honest opinions. 

I totally slacked on taking tons of photos last year. You’d think that having a fancy new camera (purchased with my 2014 tax return) would have given me more incentive to capture all the holiday magic possible. The problem? It’s a bulky camera. I love my DSLR, don’t get me wrong. It’s just what I need for work.  But I really wanted a high-quality backup for everyday life. Something I could easily grab and go. My DSLR spoiled me, so I also wanted something that could take a good picture! Not your average point and shoot!

Capture Your Holiday Magic with the Canon PowerShot Bundle from BuyDig + Giveaway #DigMyOrder

Since my SLR is a Canon (I have the Rebel T3, a step down from this T3i), I was really comfortable going with another Canon. I’ve heard great things about the PowerShot. Most photographers I know say it’s the perfect backup camera for those times when you don’t want to pull out the SLR. Let’s check out a few of its features.

Capture Your Holiday Magic with the Canon PowerShot Bundle from BuyDig + Giveaway #DigMyOrder

This particular Canon PowerShot comes with:

  • 50x Optical Zoom (24-1200mm) so you can get up close, even from far away! The Intelligent IS helps stabilize the image and keep it virtually shake-free in all sorts of conditions. Even when you’re moving back and forth trying to get a picture of a dog who is moving her head constantly because she’s decided she’s not in the mood to have her picture taken today!

Maia Powershot

  • Built-in Wi-Fi lets you transfer your images and videos to compatible mobile devices, social networks and your Wi-Fi enabled computer so you don’t have to keep popping that memory card in and out. If you do need to use the memory card transfer option, BuyDig provides a super convenient memory card reader in this bundle.
  • 16.0 Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with the Canon DIGIC 4+ Image Processor creates the Canon HS SYSTEM
  • 1080p Full HD video capabilities with dedicated movie button
  • Nice big 3.0-inch LCD screen with 461,000 dots resolution. I took a picture to show you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold two cameras stead at the same time to take a picture of one with the other? Check it out:

Capture Your Holiday Magic with the Canon PowerShot Bundle from BuyDig + Giveaway #DigMyOrder

  • Zoom Framing Assist to track the movement of your subject and keep it in focus
  • Creative Shot mode lets you create artistic images with fancy lighting, color effects and more
  • Hybrid Auto records short video clips before every still, then puts them together to make a highlight reel.

These are just a few of the features of this great camera. Check out all the specs and details on the product page at BuyDig.

What’s in the Premiere Bundle?

Along with the camera, you’ll also get some great essentials that every photographer needs. Keep your camera tucked away safe and sound when not in use in this handy camera bag:

BuyDig Camera Bag

The bundle also includes:

  • BP-6L 1150mah Battery Pack, so you can always keep an extra battery charged!
  • 16GB SDHC High Speed Memory Card
  • 5″ Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod
  • Hi-Speed SD USB 2.0 Card Reader – a must-have for me because my AIO PC has the card reader in the worst possible spot where I can’t reach it
  • 3pc. Lens Cleaning Kit
  • 1 Piece Micro Fiber Cloth

This bundle price is $279, saving you over $63 if you were to buy everything separate. Factor in BuyDig’s already lower prices and you’re saving a bundle on this bundle! Make sure you’re following BuyDig on  Twitter so you can keep up with all the exciting #DigMyOrder news! Check them out on Facebook too. Need a little help deciding what to get? Follow on Instagram and Pinterest to see their latest and greatest offerings!

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Then, of course, there’s the #DigMyOrder promotion! Remember, every time you make a purchase, just send out a quick tweet with the hashtag, your order number and a quick description of your purchase. Something like “Just snagged a great deal on a Canon PowerShot. Order #0000000 #DigMyOrder” would work.