As a child, the Christmas season wasn’t complete without a visit to the mall to share my wish list with Santa. I think many of us can remember those days! Standing in line, anxiously waiting our turn to tell the jolly elf about the latest and greatest toys that we HAD to have, then smiling for the camera so we could have photographic evidence that he really does exist. Of course, back in our day, those pictures were a quick Polaroid! You got what you got, end of discussion. Things have changed so much since we were kids!

Make Holiday Memories You’ll LOVE at Your Local Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set

Jacob Santa 2015 Frame

Disclosure time.  I received a free package and compensation in exchange for my honest thoughts. I should also disclose that I worked as a Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set local manager for over a decade, a job that I loved and only left because of the demands on my everyday job. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk holiday memories!

I visited my local Santa set at the Stroud Mall in Stroudsburg, PA. The mall did an amazing job with the set this year. If you’re from the area and haven’t been up there yet, go see it! Absolutely enchanting! It’s located in the food court and features a winter castle theme, so you really can’t miss it. I went during the week, when it wasn’t terribly busy. I can’t speak for every location, but at the Stroud Mall, the weekdays are your best bet for avoiding lines, right up until about the last two weeks.

Notice Jake’s attire? Well, he did have a nicer shirt on under that hoodie. Alas, he’s 10 and decided he would look much cooler wearing that. When it comes to Santa pictures, I’ve seen families go two different ways: the casual, spontaneous look and the super cute, dressed up look. While I LOVE the dressed-up look, I’ve always gone casual.

To me, our Santa pictures are our “moments in time” pictures. I like them to show Jake exactly how he was that year, down to his own style and personality.  I’ve gotten his pictures with Santa every year at the Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set at the Stroud Mall. Ready for a real blast from the past? Here is he back in 2008!


Unlike the Polaroid shots of our childhood, you actually get to see the pictures before you commit to buying anything. The staff at the Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set works with you to make sure you have one you love. Just pick the package you want, then they print it out for you right there on high-quality photo paper. You get your pictures within minutes. Usually by the time you’re done checking out! Every package comes with a Shutterfly gift card too!

Share Your Memories Easily with My Holiday Moments

When you purchase a Package A, it automatically comes with a Free Digital Download of your image. You can also add one to any photo package for an extra $8 (plus you’ll get 4 free wallet photos). In my opinion, if you’re planning to share your image or use it to make photo gifts with your Shutterfly gift card, you really want that Digital Download.

You’ll find your code on your receipt. You can also have it texted to you. If you lose your receipt and the text, it’s even printed in the white space of every sheet of your package. Then just download the My Holiday Moments app from Google Play or the App Store, or head to MyHolidayMoments online and enter your code and email to start sharing your picture! You can even change the frame and add stickers!

Jacob Santa Green Frame

Share your picture on Facebook and Twitter or download it to your computer. Use it to make photo gifts or get more prints through Shutterfly.  You’ll also receive a Receipt and Copyright Release letter, so you can take that download and make more prints at a local store, should you need to do so.

Santa photos have definitely changed a lot over the years! The My Holiday Moments app is one of my favorite additions to Cherry Hill Photo Santa Sets. One thing that doesn’t change, though, is their commitment to customer satisfaction. When you visit a Cherry Hill Photo Santa Set, everyone goes above and beyond to make sure your family has a great experience with Santa. By the way, visits with Santa are always free, so if your child is a bit apprehensive about Santa, you can always stop by before picture day a few times to feel out the situation.

Santa will be available for pictures at Cherry Hill Photo Santa Sets right up until Christmas Eve. Check your local set for exact times. Want to get your pet’s picture taken with Santa? The Stroud Mall location is hosting pet nights on 11/29, 12/6 and 12/13 from 7-9pm. Check out their website for more information.

Cherry Hill Photo Santa Sets are in shopping destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and even in England! Aside from the Stroud Mall, they also have a new Santa in the Sands Outlets in Bethlehem.

Do you get your child’s pictures taken with Santa? How about your pets? When was the last time YOU got YOUR picture taken? Tell me in the comments!