This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember the first time I took Jacob to Chuck E. Cheese’s, back in 2008. He wasn’t quite 3 yet, so he spent most of his time in the “little kid zone.” He was totally fascinated with the giant singing animatronic band members. I couldn’t pull him away! He insisted that he get his picture taken with all the characters. Look how little he was! Chuck E Cheese Over the years, Chuck E. Cheese’s has changed a bit (always for the better, they’re constantly updating and adding cool new games!), but it’s still his favorite place to visit. We’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese’s in three different states, with different friends and family! Chuck E. Cheese's: Where The Whole Family Can Be a Kid! #Chuckecheese  Now at 10, Jake still chooses Chuck E. Cheese’s as his top family outing when given a choice. Honestly, it’s my favorite place to visit too! I don’t think you ever get too old to visit!  Let me tell you a few things that I love about Chuck E. Cheese’s, from the point of view of a mom who is still a kid at heart!

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Our Favorite Place to Be Kids!

  • Affordability: Chuck E. Cheese’s was the one place I could take Jacob even when times were super tough. Games cost just one token each and I could always find coupons to maximize my savings through the Chuck-Eclub or the Deals and Offers tab on their website. You might be surprised at how little it really costs to feed and entertain a family of five at Chuck E. Cheese’s!
  • Rewarding: I still remember the look on Jacob’s face when he did particularly well at a game and all those tickets spit out! He was usually jumping so excitedly I couldn’t get a “still” picture! Those slightly fuzzy shots are some of my favorites though, because they show his excitement.

Chuck E. Cheese's: Where The Whole Family Can Be a Kid! #Chuckecheese

  • Fun for me, too! Chuck E. Cheese’s has games you can play WITH your kids, so you’re not just standing there watching them all day, counting minutes until it’s acceptable to leave. Don’t look at me that way. Tell me you never stood in the middle a kiddie play land and thought “I wish there was SOMETHING for me to do besides talk to the stranger next to me about her shoes!”
  • Delicious food: Chuck E. Cheese’s has a whole new menu! I’ve always loved their plain cheese pizza, but now they have even more grown-up choices to choose from. Try a Cali Alfredo while the kids dine on their more traditional fare. Don’t forget the Parmesan Bread Sticks! Not feeling in the mood for pizza? Go with wings, wraps and more! Save room for dessert! Jacob is going to flip out, the have Churros now! He’s been on a total Churro kick for a few months.


  • Safety first: One of my favorite things about Chuck E. Cheese? They take your child’s safety very seriously. Everyone in your family gets a unique hand stamp. The door staff verifies your stamp before you leave with your child.

logo_cec_960x960 Chuck E. Cheese’s isn’t just a place to go for birthdays or special occasions. For us, it’s been our place. The place to go when we say “what can we do with the kids today?” The place to go to reward a great report card, to celebrate small achievements. The place to go when we just want to have fun! Anytime and every time is a great time to have fun, right?

Check out the Chuck E. Cheese’s website and see all the fun that’s waiting for you today! Pay close attention to that new menu! Plus, don’t miss the special offers! You know what, just click on every tab, the entire website has something useful for planning your visit, trust me!

Do you regularly visit Chuck E. Cheese’s? What is your favorite thing about it? The food? The games? The memories you make with your kids? All of the above? Tell me in the comments!


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