There are tons of mediums available for kids to create art. We are forever going through crayons, markers, watercolor paints, and stamps around here. Our refrigerator is covered in artwork the kids have proudly brought home from school. They love seeing what their work displayed for everyone to see.

Create Movie Magic with StikBot Stop-Animation Studio

Zing is a company that specializes in toys that promote a healthy lifestyle for kids by keeping them active through play. You can see our recent review of their Firetek Zeon Bow here. In the event of a rainy day however, Stikbot is another way Zing keeps kids active and entertained.

Create Your Own Movie Magic with StikBot Stop-Animation Studio

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With Stikbot, kids can create their own stop-animation videos with figurines they can pose and animate through the free Stikbot Studios mobile app. Just like any artwork they love to display, kids can then share their homemade Stikbot videos through social media. The Stikbot Studio Pack comes with two figurines with suction cup hands and feet and a phone tripod. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. To create a Stickbot video, kids take still shots of their figurines. Between each shot they can pose the figurines in different positions. The individual photos are then stitched together into a film making the figurines come to life. Music or narration can be added as well to the video as well.

Create Movie Magic with StikBot Stop-Animation Studio

The StikBot Studio is unlike any other app or toy my kids have used. They weren’t clear how stop-animation worked initially, so seeing their work in motion was exciting for them. They love being able to save their videos to show to grandparents and friends. The Stikbot figurines suction well to any clean hard surface. The tripod fits an iPhone safely and the legs are adjustable to change the height. Two children can work together on a single video with the two figurines included in the Studio Pack. By including two in the pack, this can easily become a product for more than one child, or a fun activity for a child and an adult to create together. The Stikbot Studio app is a quick download, and we’ve found that it’s easy for our kids to navigate after a little instruction. This toy is fun, entertaining, and really lets kids be little producers.

Create Movie Magic with StikBot Stop-Animation Studio


StikBot Single Packs containing 1 Stickbot figurine currently retail for $4.99, and come in 6 different colors. The Single Studio Pack containing 2 figurines and a phone tripod currently retail for $9.99. These would be a great gift for any child who likes to create and showcase their talents. StikBots can be purchased at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon, Fred Meyer, K-Mart, and other retailers.

From now until November 29th, StikBot is sponsoring a video contest. Check it out at to learn how you can win a total of $20K in cash prizes!

What kind of movie would your kids create with StikBot? Tell us in the comments!