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Delve into Great Moments in Chocolate History with American Heritage Chocolate + Enter for a chance to win this great book and delicious chocolates!

As both a lover of chocolate and history, I am super excited to tell you about Great Moments in Chocolate History, a fabulous new book that makes an amazingly sweet holiday gift idea! I also have a delicious giveaway of both the book AND some spectacularly historic American Heritage Chocolate! Are you excited yet? You should be! Let me tell you why!

American Heritage Chocolate presents Great Moments in Chocolate History

American Heritage Chocolate is special to me because it’s made right here in Pennsylvania. I remember visiting local museums as a child and seeing it in the gift shops! The story behind the company is so neat. They make this delicious, rich artisan chocolate using only ingredients that were around during the 18th century. It truly is historical chocolate! In fact, you can’t find American Heritage Chocolate on grocery store shelves. It’s only sold in museums and “living historical” sites (like those really cool farms that transport you back to life in the 1700s!).

Delve into Great Moments in Chocolate History with American Heritage Chocolate


It makes sense that American Heritage Chocolate would know quite a bit about the history of our favorite tasty treat. Who better to collaborate on a book with National Geographic that’s part timeline and part cookbook? Great Moments in Chocolate History gives you an in-depth look at the history of the yummiest dessert ever, then switches over to a recipe collection filled with historical goodness.

I devoured (pun totally intended) the entire 208-page book practically in one sitting. After a brilliant intro, you’ll dive into about 130 pages of historical info and trivia, dating back to the Aztec empire. Along with a timeline taking you through the ages- and throughout the world- Great Moments in Chocolate History sprinkles little factoids and quotes throughout the book. For example, I learned that during the 17th century, Catholics drank chocolate drinks during their fasts because they considered them nutritional substitutes.

The illustrations throughout the book are just beautiful, such a stunning tribute to the history of chocolate! Like a box of treats themselves, you’ll find a gorgeous combination of photos so vibrant you want to reach in and taste the page, vivid painting-like graphics and even some old-school ads! The historical ride ends in 2014, where we learn about what the major chocolate giants are doing to work towards making the tasty treat socially conscious through sustainable farming and partnerships with small communities of growers in economically challenged regions.

Once the historical journey ends, the baking fun begins! The rest of the book features 23 delectable chocolate recipes that will tempt your taste buds in whole new ways! Before you dive into each recipe, take a moment to check out its origins and history. With a variety of recipes for every skill level and detailed directions, there’s something for everyone here! A few of my favorites that I can’t wait to try include: the Sacher Torte, Chocolate Peanut Butter Empanadas, the Chocolate-Raspberry Silk Tart and the Mississippi Mud Pie. Who am I kidding, I want to make them all!!

Delve into Great Moments in Chocolate History with American Heritage Chocolate

The last recipe is a must-try for the winter: American Heritage Hot Chocolate. With just 2 ingredients, this is how hot cocoa was meant to be enjoyed! Finish up your chocolate journey with neat chocolate tasting tips!

Great Moments in Chocolate History is a must-read for anyone who loves chocolate as much as I do! It’s also the perfect holiday gift for that history buff on your list! Buy it online nowWhile you can’t find American Heritage Chocolate in grocery stores, you can get it online through their website or locate merchants near you. The book combined with a few tasty American Heritage Chocolate treats makes a great DIY gift basket!