Have you ever walked in the store in October and seen the holiday aisle filled with Christmas decorations? Halloween hasn’t even arrived yet but somehow stores are advertising sales on Christmas trees and decorations. Sometimes it certainly seems like time is moving that fast, but one holiday in particular that seems to be overlooked is Thanksgiving.

Don't let Thanksgiving get lost in the shuffle. Check out these meaningful ways the celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

If you’re not careful, you could find yourself forgetting to prepare for this special holiday. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to thank those who have made a positive impact in your lives over the years. It is a time to get together with family and friends and share a good meal.

Even if you don’t plan on hosting a huge Thanksgiving dinner at your home, you should still take this time to show others how much you care about them and the role they play in your life. Since the holiday season is often a very costly one, there are plenty of frugal ways to spread your thanks without breaking the bank.

1.  Give a Note of Thanks – kind words can go a long way in showing your thanks and appreciation for a special person in your life. Whether you want to create the note from scratch with a few crayons and construction paper or you choose to purchase blank cards and write personalized notes inside, this is a very affordable gesture. Drop them off at each person’s house on Thanksgiving Day.

2.  Send an eCard – If you have someone special that doesn’t necessarily live in the same area as you, there are still ways to send your love and thanks. Thanksgiving ecards are easy to create and can be sent through email. You can select the card template you like the most, customize a message and send it to those who may physically be far away but will always be in your heart.

3.  Do a Favor – Want to take your thanks a step further? You can show someone how much you appreciate them by helping them out with something. Maybe your mom needs help in her garden or you have a friend who needs help with a garage sale? Whatever the need is, if you have the means and ability to help someone you’re thankful for, they will certainly appreciate the favor.

4.  Creative Arts and Crafts – Arts and crafts of any kind can also be a treasured gift and an affordable way to show others that you appreciate them. You could consider creating placemats with thankful messages on them, give everyone candles with personalized messages on them, or even create small centerpieces that will help your thanksgiving table stand out (then give them as gifts).

5.  Spend Quality Time – There’s nothing that says, “I appreciate you” like quality time. Even if you’re not hosting a dinner you can still spend some quality time with those you care about. Find some time in your schedule over the next month where you can spend a few hours of uninterrupted time with those you’re thankful for. This could include taking the kids out on a nature walk, treating a friend to lunch, or even planning a quick weekend getaway with your significant other.

There’s no denying that once September hits that Christmas is just around the corner. Be that as it may, you don’t want to overlook a special occasion such as Thanksgiving. Whether you’re going to be hosting a dinner, visiting someone else’s house for dinner, or just having a quiet evening at home on your own, you can still show those closest to you how much you care. A nice note of thanks, an ecard, or even some quality time doesn’t have to cost you a bunch but can really mean a lot to those you love.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Thanksgiving? Tell me in the comments!