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Penelope PetSmart Meet Penelope. Just about a year ago, Penelope was living at our local PetSmart, which houses cats for a regional animal rescue organization specializing in felines. She spent several months there after her previous family had to give her up for reasons beyond their control. Around the same time, my boyfriend, Sal, had moved into a new place on his own after living with his parents and was feeling kind of lonely. He loves animals and they love him. His place is too small for a dog, but just right for a kitty.

So off we went, in search of a new feline companion for Sal. Originally, he thought he wanted a kitten. We heard about an adoption event at PetSmart and headed up there to check it out. The rescue had a booth set up out front to grab the attention of people passing by, as well as tables indoors. We never even made it past the outdoor booth to see the kitties inside.

One of the volunteers was holding a little bundle of black, snuggled under her chin. The volunteer told us that Penelope was a 4-year-old domestic short hair, most likely with a bit of Bombay mixed in. They were having a hard time placing her because she was a little older and she had to be an only cat.

Sal still thought he wanted a kitten, but decided to give her a snuggle for a moment. Just a minute, because he just loves all animals and wanted to make sure she got extra snuggles that day. One snuggle was all it took. She curled up under his chin and nuzzled his neck. He looked at me and I knew.  Penelope was clearly meant to be his cat. About an hour later, Penelope was in her new forever home. She’s definitely the furry love of Sal’s life now! Penelope Petsmart 2

Find Your Furever Friend During PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend

Penelope isn’t the only furry friend to find her forever home during an adoption event at PetSmart. During the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend, an average of 15,000 companion pets find new families throughout North America. This year, the event runs from November 13-15, giving you three days to visit your local PetSmart and find your furever love!

The event is different from the smaller scale individual adoption events throughout the year because it features numerous different animal welfare organizations. While we adopted Penelope from an individual event for a single local rescue seeking homes for the cats already housed at our local PetSmart, the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend event will bring together local humane societies and rescue groups with both adoptable cats AND dogs. Cooper Canon Rebel You’ve all met my boy Cooper by now. We adopted him from a humane society 45 miles away. That was before our area had a PetSmart. When we were searching for our new furever friend, we drove a good 50 miles in every direction over the course of two months, looking for “our” dog, the one that felt like she was meant to be with us. Turns out “she” was actually “he!”  I really love that the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend Event brings so many organizations together in one spot. It gives you the chance to find that perfect match for your family. petsmart dog One thing to keep in mind: every group has their own policies. PetSmart doesn’t set any of the fees or rules regarding the adoption process. Also, while many groups include things like spaying or neutering, vaccinations and even micro-chipping in the cost of adoption, not all of the above are always included. Make sure you ask the on-site staff and volunteers at your location. PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend Heli Your local PetSmart can answer any questions you may have about exact times of the event and the types of pets that will be available. You can also find adoptable pets near you by visiting PetSmart Charities Find A Pet page. Ready to find your furever love? Visit the PetSmart Store Locator for the location nearest you!

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