With the holidays fast approaching I’ve seen a ton of new subscription boxes out. My sister gets a box that delivers full meals for her family a couple times a month, while a friend of mine gets a box of makeup products delivered every month. Yet another one of my mommy friends gets awesome baby gear in her subscription box. It’s like Christmas every month with these things!

Girls Can! Crate: Empowering Young Girls Every Month

The Girls Can! Crate is a unique subscription box developed by Big Little Ones LLC. This company is an all-female start up committed to empowering young girls. Their Girls Can! Crates celebrate courageous women in history who have helped make our world a better place. They focus on the fact that girls can be and do anything.


The Girls Can! Crate is intended for girls ages 4-8 and includes:

  • 2-3 hands-on activities about a woman and her field
  • 20-page Girls Can! Activity book
  • Creative play props
  • Focus character trait for a little ones to practice
  • Character trading card
  • 2-3 practical tips for parents to help foster the trait included in the box

On top of all that, 10% of the proceeds from every Girls Can! Crate purchased goes to nonprofit organizations working to empower women and girls.

The Girls Can! Crate made a great first impression from the minute my daughter and I opened the box. First we read about the Bessie Coleman and the bravery she displayed being the first female African American aviator. Girls Can! Crate included everything we needed to learn about Bessie Coleman from her bravery right down to the uniform she wore. The box even included a life-like aviator hat and goggles that my daughter can wear, just like Bessie’s. This was a great accessory to the topic!


Along with the learning aspect of the box, there are a lot of fun activities included that tie in with what we learned about Bessie. Buildable airplanes, cute stickers, and an activity book with even more to do all filled the Girls Can! Crate. Notice I said “we” because I have to admit, I enjoyed this box as much as my 4 year old daughter.


My daughter can now tell you all about Bessie Coleman and what made her an important role model. Along with her usual dress up clothes she walks around the house pretending to be a little aviator herself. Though there were some really important underlying messages for her, the box was compiled in fun and age appropriate way. The Girls Can! Crate encompasses so much of what I try to instill in my daughter and I’d say it did a fantastic job of showing her that she too can be brave and accomplish great things.


The Girls Can! Crate can be purchased a single box at a time, or in 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions starting at $29.95 and shipping is free. They would be a fun and unique gift for any little girl on your Christmas list. To learn more about Girls Can! Crate and the mission of Big Little Ones, check them out at Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.