Back in May, I told you about the Venta Airwasher, a revolutionary way to clean the air in your home. If you don’t remember that post (hey, I’m not mad, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast!), check out my Venta review to get caught up. I know people use that word “revolutionary” a lot when it comes to products. Everything is revolutionary these days. But the Venta Airwasher really is a unique and awesome way to get your air clean. It literally washes the air, then sends it back out all nice, fresh and humidified. Now, they’ve upped the coolness factor by like a million with their new aromatherapy line.

Say So Long to Nasty, Stuffy, Smelly Indoor Air This Winter With Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy!

Venta Airwasher + Aromatherapy = Clean Air that Soothes the Soul

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Okay, so Venta upped the coolness factor by six, because that’s how many Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy scents they’ve released. Six awesome specially formatted scents designed to make your house smell delightful while the Venta does its job. I received all six to try out. I think by now I’ve had a chance to give all of them a whirl!

Say So Long to Nasty, Stuffy, Smelly Indoor Air This Winter With Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy!

Let’s talk options, because of course you want to know what scents you can get with the Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy line. The six scents include:

  • Winter Dream: a lovely mix of cinnamon and citrus. Did you ever simmer orange peels and cinnamon sticks on the stove?  Think that. It’s mellow, subtle.
  • Relaxing: So you had a long day at work and you want to unwind, but you don’t want a scent that puts you to sleep. While most “relaxing” aromatherapy blends reach for lavender, Venta’s includes cinnamon, grapefruit, and carnation blend. The combination is peaceful without sending you off to dreamland.
  • Citrus Garden: One of my favorites, Citrus Garden features a combination of citrus oils. It smells awesome, very uplifting and inspiring. I love anything with citrus scents.
  • Refreshing: Another favorite, Refreshing is a blend of orange scents. It definitely fits the name! I love to use this one in the morning because the aroma of orange helps me feel more inspired.
  • Eucalyptus: With cold season coming, I am sure I’ll be using this one quite a bit! It’s very soothing when you’re feeling under the weather. Eucalyptus on its own can be incredibly overpowering, but Venta added peppermint and tea to the mix to both enhance the soothing properties and cut back on the harsher tones of the Eucalyptus scent. The combination works beautifully.
  • Vanilla: A classic that never goes out of style, Vanilla is exactly what it says. This one is perfect for the holidays, it smells like you spent the day baking! I think it also pairs well with the Winter Dream.

With these oils, a little actually goes further than you’d think. I did go a smidge overboard with the first one I used. Smidge may be an understatement.  I put too much in by accident. I thought it still smelled good, but it was, admittedly, a bit overpowering. So just start with a little and adjust from there. One-half to one capful is all it takes. Add it right to the water in your Venta, the put the lid back on and run it as usual.

Say So Long to Nasty, Stuffy, Smelly Indoor Air This Winter With Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy!

The aroma lasts a couple of hours, so you can change it frequently throughout the day if you want. Start with Refreshing in the morning and switch to Relaxing at night. You can get three bottles of a single scent for $19.99 or get a trio of scents for the same price. There are two Fragrance Combination packs. One contains Winter Dream, Relaxing and Citrus Garden. The second features Refreshing, Eucalyptus, Vanilla. The bottles are 1.7 fluid ounces, a nice size, especially since the fragrances are made with 100% natural essential oils.

With the Venta Airwasher Aromatherapy line, Venta has taken an amazing air cleaner and turned it into something fun to use. Before now, now one really said “gee, I can’t wait to get home and turn on my air purifier!” It was just something that ran in the background of our lives. I feel like they’ve added another great benefit to an already valuable product. If you don’t already have a Venta Airwasher, now is definitely the time to get one!

If you call (toll-free) 888-333-8218 and purchase a Venta Airwasher, mention Pretty Opinionated to get a free 3-pack of the Venta Aromatherapy fragrance of your choice! 

Visit th Venta Airwasher website to learn more about this awesome air cleaner and to purchase the Aromatherapy line.  Follow Venta Airwasher on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news, and subscribe on YouTube to watch video demonstrations.

What fragrances do you love to use in your home? Tell me in the comments!