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Sleep Inn

With the holiday season underway, I am feeling the pressure closing in on me to be more productive every minute of every day. Between the increased work load, the shopping, the decorating and the cleaning, I feel like I’ll have no time to myself come the end of this week, let alone time with Sal! His seasonal job and my work load makes it hard to arrange for any sort of getaway. So before all the craziness starts, we decided to get out of town for a couple of nights on our own! We’ll be taking the kids for a weekend adventure early next month, but this was our only chance to get away alone together for a while.

We headed to the Sleep Inn, in Allentown PA. I picked that particular location because it’s close to a lot of great shopping centers. I figured I could get a head start on Christmas shopping. Plus it’s relatively close to home at just under an hour away, so we could spend more time together and less time in the car driving.

Sleep Inn: Designed to Dream

Sleep Inn Lobby 1

When we arrived at the Sleep Inn, I was immediately impressed by the feel of the lobby. The sitting area looked more like a living room than a cold hotel waiting area. I noticed little touches throughout the downstairs that add to the home-like feeling.

Sleep Inn Lobby 2

Once up in our room, I snapped a few pics so you could see what it looked like before we settled in. I tend to sprawl out immediately, with my stuff from one end to the other! Originally, we were going to get a King room. At the last minute, though, we decided on two doubles. Sal stays up later than I do, so it’s easier to have an extra bed for watching TV or lounging in until he’s ready to come to sleep. Plus I thought it would give you a better idea of what the standard double bed rooms look like, in case you’re traveling with kids.

Sleep Inn Room

I love the simple yet classy look of the Designed to Dream room. Three neutral walls with one really rich warm green accent wall. Elegant black and white nature photographs on the wall, a fabric-covered board behind the TV and rich browns in the furniture create a relaxing atmosphere.

Sleep Inn Room 4

The Designed to Dream concept makes the entire room feel more like a bedroom at home. It also showed me that simple touches can really change the entire feel of a room without needing to spend a fortune.

Sleep Inn Room 2

The beds are super comfy, with plush bedding and plenty of pillows. That’s actually another reason I originally went with a double. When I go to  some hotels, I often find that the pillows are flat, lifeless and impossible to sleep on. Basically, I figure I’ll need at least three. At Sleep Inn, each bed came with four pillows, but they weren’t the sad little things I was expecting. They were REAL pillows that you can actually sleep on without folding five times.

Sleep Inn Bed

One thing Sal and I disagreed on: the pocket doors to the bathroom. I thought they were pure genius, the neatest doors ever. To me, they’re the ultimate space-savers. No door swinging open and hogging up real estate on either side of the bathroom. Plus they made the room feel bigger. Sal thought it was a little confining and awkward to use. The Sleep Inn signature showers, though, we both agreed were really nice! They come with tons of settings, heat up quickly and are quite roomy.

Sleep Inn Pocket Doors

We actually had an interesting conversation with the desk manager the second day about the bathroom doors! I told her I loved them and asked if they were in all the rooms. She said that while many of their guests do like the doors, there are some like Sal who find them awkward. For those guests, Sleep Inn does have a few different rooms that offer more traditional bathroom doors. She showed us their King Suite as an example. Gorgeous, by the way.

We talked with the manager a bit more. I highly recommend getting to know your desk managers! They’re absolutely full of great recommendations. I told her I wanted to go to the Christmas Tree Stores, as I’ve never been before. She warned me ahead of time to make room in my trunk. Boy, was she right. We overflowed our cart with stuff! She gave us ideas on places to eat as well.

Back in the room after a great dinner at the Starlite Diner, which is walking distance from the Allentown Sleep Inn, I settled into the plush bed to watch a little TV on the flat screen while Sal played on my iPad a bit, connected to the free Wi-Fi. The room had a great desk with a comfy ergonomic chair, making it perfect for business people! I really want that desk and chair in my own home office. So much better than my dining room table!

Sleep Inn Breakfast

We enjoyed a Morning Medley hot breakfast buffet before heading home on Saturday. They buffet features really delicious hot Belgian waffles! You’ll also find eggs, bacon, sausage and basics like toast or bagels. Plus they have yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal and pastries.

Sleep Inn Breakfast 2

Of course, don’t forget the coffee! Before leaving, Sal made sure to point out that we were just about a minute away from the Sam Adams brewery. They don’t offer tours at this particular location, but it was still cool to see it.

Sleep Inn Sam Adams Sal

I made a video slideshow of all my favorite features. I had actually done a great video outside where I showed off the property, but it was super windy out that day. So mostly you hear a little of me and what sounds like a hurricane in the background. I was so sad, because I was super witty in that video!


Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Sleep Inn is a great place to get a good night’s sleep during your adventures. It’s also the perfect spot to take a little “me” time and get away from it all. The rooms are incredibly affordable, yet they definitely don’t scrimp on quality! Visit Choice Hotels to find a Sleep Inn location near your destination! Book through them for the guaranteed best rates on the internet. If you find a lower internet price, they’ll even give you a free night! Make sure you sign up for Choice Privileges Rewards. You’ll earn points towards free stays and other rewards every time you stay at a Choice Hotels property.

Have you ever stayed at a Sleep Inn? When was the last time you stayed at a hotel just for a fun bit of “me” time?