As a 4 year old, my daughter loves any type of pretend play. Cooking at her kitchen, giving her dolls check-ups, and all sorts of other scenarios she creates. It’s a part of play where her mind is free to make up all the details and I love seeing what she’s pretending to be or do on a particular day.

Foster a Love of Learning & Nurturing with Pet Vet Clinic

The Pet Vet Clinic is just one of the uniquely designed imaginative play toys by Lakeshore. Lakeshore is a company based out of California that is dedicated to developing high quality educational materials that encourage little ones to use their imaginations. They foster a love for learning through their toys and other products for children from infant to 6th grade. Their development teams consist of former educators and their products undergo rigorous testing before reaching consumers.

Pet Vet Clinic

The Pet Vet Clinic is ideal for children from 4 to 10 years and includes everything they need to be a veterinarian for the day. This play set includes:

  • Medical supplies like a stethoscope, thermometer, scalpel, and tweezers.
  • Medicine bottles and labels
  • Cotton balls and q-tips with storage containers
  • A weight scale
  • Real bandages, surgical tape, and gauze
  • A fur brush and sponge
  • Office supplies including signs, forms, and a clip board
  • A 14” animal transport carrier

Pet Vet Clinic

My daughter really enjoys all of the life-like accessories that come with this Pet Vet Clinic. Quite often she will gather her stuffed animals and play with her Pet Vet Clinic for hours at a time. She fills out a patient form with her little clipboard and does her best evaluation of each animal.

Pet Vet ClinicWith all of the medical supplies and accessories included with this clinic, there are endless ways for kids to treat each one of their furry friends. My little one thinks she’s just playing with her stuffed animals, but it’s not hard to see that this toy elicits compassion and even a little critical thinking. As a parent, that’s something I love to see.

Pet Vet Clinic

The Pet Vet Clinic is an all-inclusive imaginative play toy for children that is both educational and engaging. When not in use, the clinic materials fit back inside the included animal carrier. You can purchase this toy for $39.99 at While you’re there, check out the other educational products and services offered by Lakeshore!

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Do you have a little aspiring vet who would love the Pet Vet Clinic? Tell us what you love about it in the comments!