I have such mixed feelings about Christmas decorating this year. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of surface space left in my house for all my random cute stuff. The mantle is covered with photos. I have two end tables, a small shelf for the phone and a book shelf. That’s it as far as flat surfaces go! The windows are getting covered with plastic to help keep my electric bill down. It was with a heavy heart that I picked out just a few little snowmen and Santas to set out, then left the rest in the bins in the garage.

Got the decorating bug but can't find a single surface left to put that giant singing Santa? Don't feel bad, I'm in the same boat! I'm thinking outside the box (and off the mantle) with these ideas for Christmas decorating in small spaces and cluttered homes.

Still, I can’t NOT decorate for Christmas! I freaking LOVE the holidays! If I could, I’d be like Monroe on Grimm, decking out every inch of my house with lights, trains and weird Christmas clocks! So this year, I decided it was time to get creative. I started by incorporating the holidays into my everyday life with cool Christmas decor from Redbubble. A mug here, a throw pillow there. It helps! I still need more Christmas! What’s a girl with a cluttered house and small spaces to do? Here are a few of my ideas for Christmas decorating when space is an issue.

Christmas Decorating for Small or Cluttered Spaces

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Take to the Walls!

Roommates Rmk2469Gm Holiday Scroll Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals?Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces
I am fanatical about all the Christmas wall decals they have at all the stores now. I get cute ones at Target, Big Lots, Walmart, even the Dollar Store. Then I saw this beautiful that Giant Wall Decal! I so want it!  As long as you have a house, you have walls. You don’t have to go huge. Small decal sets make just as much an impact as the big ones do!

Festive Up Your Fridge

12Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces

My fridge is covered with magnets year round, but it’s easy enough for me to swipe them all into a baggie and stick them in a drawer. A lot easier than trying to rehome every other item on the mantle and what not. I have mixed feelings about fridge wrapsChristmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces. Some of them are cute, but some are really tacky. If you’re not into wrapping the whole shebang up like a giant gift, just swap out your regular magnets for a Christmas countdown magnetic dry-erase board, some festive magnets and maybe some artwork from your cute kid!

Look up, sunshine!

I glanced up at the thingy that holds my vertical blinds in place and decided it looks really bleak. It needs a festive makeover. You know what it’s getting? Cheap dollar store pine garland! At a buck for like 15 feet, I can double it up, wrap it around whatever that thing is called and make it merry. Plus, since it’s higher up, no one will look too close and realize it’s, you know, the cheap stuff.

Take a look up and see where you can hang things too! Hang lights and ornaments from the ceiling or chandelier, drape pine garlandChristmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces along entry ways (you might want to get the nice stuff for the up-close views), etc.

Look down too!


Christmas Bath MatChristmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces

Hey, don’t forget that there is plenty of space right under your feet! I’m not talking about the ornaments that end up crunching under them when your cat knocks them down, either. I get a new Christmas door mat every year for both inside and outside. It’s a small thing, but it’s right there when you enter my house. If you want to go totally crazy, get a huge area rug! Get one for your bathroom, the laundry room, wherever you want.

Edible Decor!


Christmas cookies are the ultimate holiday decor for small spaces! They’re yummy, biodegrade in your tummy and only take up as much space as a pretty plate on your counter! I have zilch talent when it comes to making gingerbread men (that’s totally a stock photo), but you don’t even have to make perfect shapes! Cookies on a pretty plate do the trick too!

Head outdoors!

Maybe you don’t have much space inside but you have a rockin’ front yard, balcony or porch. Deck the heck out of that baby instead! We have this house in our town that goes totally nuts with the inflatables. Some call them crazy. I love them! I think it’s so awesome that they’re willing to spend a fortune on their electric bill every year to bring joy to everyone stuck on that street during rush house. Magical, I tell you. You don’t have to cause brownouts all over your town to get festive, though. I do a string of LED lights around my front door, then garland and other little decorations that don’t require an outlet around the rest of the front stoop.

More easy small space Christmas decorating ideas include:

  • Swapping your shower curtain for a festive one
  • Pop your hand soap into one of those cute seasonal soap holdersChristmas Decorating Ideas for Small or Tight Spaces
  • Decorating the back of your dining room chairs (either with bows and ribbons or those Santa chair makeover things)
  • Changing your desktop, phone and tablet wallpaper to a holiday scene
  • Sticking those weird antlers on your car (totally NOT my thing, sorry)
  • Making your significant other dress up as Santa 24/7 and sit very still on the sofa (absolutely kidding here!)

In between the few jokes, I hope you found plenty of options for decorating your small or cluttered spaces for Christmas. Of course, you could totally declutter and then you’d have plenty of room for holiday decor! Let’s be honest, though, that’s more of a New Year’s Resolution type of thing, not a pre-holiday madness project!

What are your ideas for small space Christmas decorating? Tell me in the comments!