Today’s holiday post is all about gift ideas for Star Wars fans! With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this holiday season has Star Wars appearing pretty much everywhere!

Now that the Force has awoken, let it inspire your holiday shopping with these great gift ideas for Star Wars fans! These ideas are perfect for all ages!

I’ve seen it on everything from stockings and tree skirts to Nerf guns to candy. I think every single store has something Star Wars-related in it! Pretty smart move! Even kids who kind of got out of the Star Wars phase- like Jake- are diving right back into it.

Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

While every store has at least a few Star Wars gifts, turns out is pretty much one of the best sources for one-stop shopping. I know, I was surprised too. I thought they only sold, well, posters! Nope. They actually have a pretty epic selection of Star Wars merch. Over 600 items, to be vaguely exact (I am aware you can not be vague and exact at the same time, let me have my fun).


They sent Jake a pretty cool 16-month Star Wars Episode VII calendar. He picked it out, said he needs a calendar for his room. I’ve always liked calendars because when you’re done with them, you can hang the pictures on your wall. I made a great gallery wall once out of an Ansel Adams calendar! It does have 16 months, but the first four are Oct-December of 2015, and they’re on one page. So you get 12 full-color pictures. The art inside (sorry, it’s not photographing well) consists of what to me looks like artists’ renditions of different scenes. Some are so realistic, they may actually BE scenes from the movie. Jake really likes the art and is actually looking forward to the New Year so he can hang it up, even though that means Christmas break will be over.

8 More Stellar Star Wars Gift Ideas from


STAR WARS - Empire Needs YouEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

STAR WARS – Empire Needs YouEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans poster: If your Star Wars fan is like mine, he’ll love this poster featuring the greatest villain of all time!


Star Wars: EP7 – Chewbacca POP Figure, or any of the Funkos really. They have one for just about every character in the new movie. I’ve always loved Chewie, though! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this loyal Wookie?
Tatooine Travel PosterEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

For a subtler Star Wars gift idea, this Tatooine Travel PosterEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans is classy enough for an office, yet still says “I’m a fanboy (or girl!) to the core).


Star Wars Palladium Millenium Falcon CufflinksEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Palladium Millenium Falcon Cufflinks
Epic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans: Who said cuff links need to be boring? I don’t know many guys who really LOVE getting dressed up in anything that requires cuff links, so if they have to do it, why not make it fun with a pair of these? They’re a bit pricier than the other items on this list, but has close to 50 more to choose from in different price ranges. Check out all their Star Wars Cuff Links!


Star Wars R2D2 Glitter Zip Wallet: I am totally putting this on my Christmas wish list! R2D2 is my favorite! If you’re not looking for a sparkly wallet with the cutest droid ever (this IS the droid I’m looking for), check out other cool Star Wars wallets in different styles.


Star Wars Epic Sweatshirt: Give your Star Wars fan the most epic Christmas sweater ever! Okay, technically it’s a sweatshirt, but it looks sweater-y, doesn’t it? I kind of love it. It’s odd, right? Like an ugly sweater, except cool! They do actually have some normal just plain cool Star Wars sweatshirts if you want something a little less, eh, festive.
Death StarEpic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

Death Star
Epic Holiday Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans wall decal made by Fathead: these are super realistic looking decals made from high-quality materials that allow you to remove and move them until you find the perfect spot. Who wouldn’t want a giant half-destroyed Death Star hanging on their wall?


I absolutely need this Lifesize Yoda Standup Cardboard Cutout to offer me words of wisdom and guidance in my life! Okay, so he doesn’t actually talk, but I can always image what Yoda would say!


Which Star Wars gift ideas would you choose for your fan? Who is your all-time favorite Star Wars character? Are you going to see the movie when it opens? Tell me in the comments!