This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

The other night, as I walked into Payless for my final shopping trip for this series, I had one goal in mind: buy something outside my neutral comfort zone. I absolutely LOVE my brown boots and my buttery soft checkerboard moccasins, but now I needed dress shoes for our upcoming family party. I didn’t want to go with the same black shoes I always wear. I wanted something that sparkled and shined, figuratively speaking. Turns out my inner shoe shopper took that very literally!   This holiday season, let your feet sparkle as much as your personality with gorgeous shoes from Payless! From heels to flats, ruby reds to sliver and gold, you'll find on-trend looks to love! Show off your #Solestyle! Before I even walked in, I saw a row of sparkly beauties lined up and waiting. A whole lovely row of sparkle! Get Your Sparkle On with Dressy Holiday Shoes & Show Your #Payless #Solestyle!   The only down side? They all had high heels. Me and high heels equals disaster of epic proportions. I’m not even remotely kidding here. I had to wear a wedge heel for my brother’s wedding and was terrified the whole time because even that bit of instability was too much for this klutzy girl! My head may be in the clouds like a dreamer, but I like my feet planted solidly on the ground, thank you very much. Get Your Sparkle On with Dressy Holiday Shoes & Show Your #Payless #Solestyle! Inside the store, I noticed they had sparkly flats. Score! Now, just to find my size and a color that screamed “buy me!” I’ll be honest, I was looking for black sparkly shoes. I figured that counted as “outside my neutral zone” because, hey, they were sparkly! But when I saw the Women’s Chelsea Flat in Red Ombre Glitter, I had to have them.   Get Your Sparkle On with Dressy Holiday Shoes & Show Your #Payless #Solestyle! Just look at them! They look like ruby red slippers! It doesn’t matter that I don’t have anything in my closet that goes with them, I’ll buy something! For the first time in my life, I bought the shoes before the outfit. These little red shoes with their glitter and sparkle instantly brighten my mood. They were 50% off, so at just $14.99, the price made me quite happy too! Get Your Sparkle On with Dressy Holiday Shoes & Show Your #Payless #Solestyle! The Chelsea Flat comes in a bunch of colors. If you’re not feeling the ruby red love, they also silver or gold glittery shades. If your personality is all the sparkle you need this holiday season, you can also get them in non-glittery colors. My opinion? Go with the glitter! This is definitely the season for letting that inner sparkle come out and play. Since Payless makes buying on-trend shoes so affordable, stepping outside your comfort zone and having a little fun with your feet doesn’t hurt your wallet!

Snag a pair of casual dreamy slip-ons for those less formal holiday parties

Since these pretty little red numbers were on sale and I had a coupon for $10 off $30, I decided to step back into my comfort zone- literally- and grab a pair of comfy casual shoes that go with my more traditional wardrobe of black pants and sweaters. I have a gaping hole in my shoe wardrobe when it comes to comfy black shoes. I have these cute sweater legging/tights that I wear under a swingy black skirt and pair with one of my favorite black and white sweaters. Then I ruin the look with sneakers, because I have nothing else that goes with them. Snag a pair of casual dreamy slip-ons for those less formal holiday parties These Women’s Cozy Dream shoes called out to me to try them on! While the Glitter shoes pulled me in with their glitz and glamour, I loved these because they weren’t shiny. They’re a perfect fit- pun intended- with my usual wardrobe. The fuzzy lining sealed the deal! Snag a pair of casual dreamy slip-ons for those less formal holiday parties They fit like a dream and feel as comfy as my moccasins, but with a more traditional look that goes well with just about anything in your casual to business casual closet.

With the holidays approaching fast, sales are seriously heating up at Payless. I didn’t pay full price for a single pair of shoes in this series. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for a pair of shoes at Payless! They’re always running some sort of fantastic special. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a whole family, it’s easy to find on-trend, stylish and affordable shoes that you’ll love.

If you haven’t been to Payless recently, definitely head to your local store or check out Payless online to see what you’re missing! You might be surprised at the incredible selection of up-to-date styles! I visited three times in the past month and each time found something new that I absolutely had to have! Let’s check out my winter #Solestyle one last time! What's your winter sole style? Show it off with spectacular finds from Payless! From cozy moccasins to comfy boots, holiday sparkle to casual flats, you'll find all the best on-trend styles at affordable prices! Need a little more inspiration on great holiday looks for the whole family? Check out Payless on Pinterest! Now that my feet are properly outfitted for every occasion, I can check that off my long holiday to-do list! Get over to your local Payless and check it off your list!

What’s your Payless Solestyle? Do you go sparkly or neutral? Heels or flats? Tell me in the comments about your favorite holiday shoes! 

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