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Get a supernaturally good night's sleep with GhostBed by Nature's Sleep! Order online and it comes right to your door! Check out my review, plus see how you can save $50 off your purchase!

Back in 1993, two things happened. I graduated high school and my mom bought her last new mattress. While I still look fabulously young after 20+ years out of my old Alma mater, my mom’s mattress can’t say the same. Since I recently got a new mattress that I adore, when GhostBed offered me the chance to check out their super nifty new line of memory foam mattresses, I immediately thought of my mom. She lives with me, so it was easy for me to personally check out the mattress as well. Jacob also spent his fair share of time “testing” it, as did the cats. Together, we have a pretty well-rounded review of the supernaturally comfortable GhostBed, so get reading!

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Sleep in Supernatural Comfort with GhostBed

GhostBed is a brand new line of mattresses from Nature’s Sleep, an industry-leader in quality mattresses for the last 15 years. Here’s the cool part: you can order them right from your own home. They ship within 24 hours and they’re delivered to your front door in a nifty signature box. It’s a big box!

Get a supernaturally good night's sleep with GhostBed by Nature's Sleep! Check out my review, plus see how you can save $50 off your purchase!

So I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about a mattress that arrived in a box. How did they get it in there? Would it be flat? Would it puff up to life? Would it spring open the moment we popped the top on the box? I was nervous and excited to get it up to my mom’s room. We brought down her old mattress (this is the only part I don’t like, you do have to get rid of your own old mattress) and worked together to take the box upstairs.

Getting it out of the box was easier than I thought, especially if you have help. You’ll want to be careful freeing the GhostBed from the wrapping. My half-completed nursing school education actually came in handy, as did my bandage scissors! I made surgical-like cuts to gently remove the plastic from the mattress, careful not to poke the foam. Once freed, we laid it on my mom’s box spring to let it naturally come back to life.

Ghost Bed 2

It took less time than I thought it would for the mattress to reach about 90% complete. The instructions say you can sleep on your GhostBed right away, but to allow up to 24 hours for it to fully reach it’s maximum supernatural potential. I thought it was comfy right out the gate.

Ghost Bed 3


When it’s fully flat, it looks like this (not my mom’s bed, because she immediately covered it with sheets and blankets before I could get a final picture, worried that the cats would jump on it and ruin it):

GhostBed Set

That picture also shows the optional GhostBed box spring that you can also get to go along with it. While the GhostBed works on any box spring or frame, theirs is designed to maximize the lifespan and let your mattress really reach its full potential for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

The GhostBed is handcrafted right here in the USA and features a 1.5-inch top layer of premium aerated Latex foam, followed by a 2″ layer of a proprietary Gel Memory Foam that is more reactive to your body to help keep it cooler. Beneath that, you’ll find a 7.5-inch high density core that offers support to the right parts of your body while relieving pressure on the parts that need it most. My mom said she was worried that it wouldn’t be firm enough, but was really surprised to find out that it was just right. It helped support her back while relieving pressure on her hips and shoulders.

The Gel Memory Foam and Latex layers work to keep you cooler, which is important because memory foam itself in general can retain heat. They topped all this off with a super soft plush cover that you can actually remove and clean. At least one of our cats sleeps with my mom on any given night, so it’s important to her to be able to wash the cover.

Overall, my mom loves the GhostBed mattress. She sleeps better on it and doesn’t wake up with quite so many aches and pains. I find it really comfortable as well. I love that it kind of hugs you, but without making you feel like you’re sinking into it. It’s subtle, like the touch of a ghost! Hmmm, I wonder if that’s why they call it GhostBed!

My son loves it because a) it’s called GhostBed and b) it’s super comfy for him to hang out on when he’s watching TV in Gram’s room. Mind you, he actually has a better TV in his own room. However, Grams has a better bed. I have a great bed but no TV. So Grams’ room it is. My aunts get a kick out of its name because they feel it’s totally appropriate for my mom. My family does, after all, have a history of paranormal activity! That’s a story for another day, though. Or many stories for many days. Ask me about it around Halloween!


Get a Supernaturally Good Night's Sleep with GhostBed


If you’re feeling reluctant about buying a mattress online, don’t worry: GhostBed gives you a 101-Night free sleep trial. That’s like- doing math now- um, over 3 months! Plus you’ll get a 20 Year Warranty, which is double the industry standard (definitely double my mom’s old mattress’ warranty).


Order now and get $50 Off!

Ready to order? Head to (through my link) and you’ll get $50 off your purchase. Mattresses come in sizes from Twin to California King, and start at $495. With the discount, though, they’ll start at $445 for you. Don’t forget, you’ll have 101 days to decide whether you love it.

What do you think you would love most about the GhostBed? Have you ever slept on a Nature’s Sleep mattress? Tell me in the comments!