In honor of Giving Tuesday, I have another great post from Morris the Cat today to help inspire you to give back to hungry kitties everywhere. I think this is also the perfect opportunity to introduce my own new kitty, Alex the Great.

Help Morris the Cat Give Back to Hungry Kitties!

Up until about a week ago, Alex was a feral living outside my house. His Mama was killed before he was even 6 weeks old. Alex started coming up to us, begging for love and affection. He followed my son everywhere. When we’d sit on the stoop, he’d climb on us and snuggle up. I noticed that Alex had an eye infection. He’s a long-haired kitty and was terribly matted too. I couldn’t leave this little snuggler outside to die. We took him to the vet, got him checked out and medicated, then brought him in. He LOVES Zoe (our other kitten) and the dogs. He’s still a snuggly guy too!

There are still so many hungry ferals outside. Some of them are friendly enough for a little pat here and there. One is a total lovebug, but doesn’t want to live in the house. The shelters are full in our area, so we do the best we can to help them through the harsh winters. Morris and 9Lives have been super awesome. Through my partnership with Morris, I’m able to offer a little more to my hungry ferals in exchange for sharing Morris’ mission. Let’s see what the prolific kitty has to say today!

Giving Back to Hungry Kitties with Morris

Hey Pretty Opinionated readers! Morris the Cat, from 9Lives cat food, here. (You may have thought that a cat’s only computer skills involve laying on the keyboard while others are trying to use it, but in fact, we are very tech savvy.)

Help Morris the Cat Give Back to Hungry Kitties!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve starred in over fifty 9Lives cat food commercials, am an advo-cat for kitty rescue, and was even crowned one of Advertising’s Greatest Icons by the Museum of Broadcast Communications. (But I must say, I took issue with this honor. I didn’t know I was advertising all those years… I just really love 9Lives!)

Help Morris the Cat Give Back to Hungry Kitties!

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m purr-ty much an expert when it comes to eating, and that’s the subject of my next venture. I know we just had Thanksgiving and you may have promised yourself you were never going to eat again. But trust me, your appetite will come around like a good old friend and when it does, I want you to be ready!

I also thought since we just had a day to give thanks, we should now take a moment to give back. After all, December 1st is Giving Tuesday, a day people all around the world have dedicated to affecting ‘pawsitive’ change. Lucky for you, giving back is as easy as using your opposable thumbs. With those two bad boys – and the rest of your fingers – you can help feed a kitty in need. Watch this video to find out how. (Spoiler Alert: It’s totally FREE!)



I don’t know about you but all this meowing about food has gotten me hungry.

I’ve made it my mission to help cats and humans eat well – and by extension – live well. (I’ve often said the key to life can be found in your food dish.) With that in mind, I invite you to check out my Official Guide to Eating, Munching, Snacking & More. If you’ve ever caught yourself inhaling your food between errands or carting your human kittens around… or if you mindlessly shovel in your dinner while catching up on the latest episode of “Meownton Abbey” or “Silicon Alleycat”… then this guide is for you!

In it, you’ll learn how to eat like the true foodie you were meant to be. On my site, you can also enter to win a customized drivable cooler, so if you do have to eat on the go, you can do so in style. And don’t forget to tweet #MorrisFeeds to give hungry kitties the gift of a tasty, hearty 9Lives meal.

On that note, my stomach is starting to rumble. What’s on the menu tonight, you ask? 9Lives Lean & Tasty and a side of Meaty Paté with Real Chicken. For a beverage I’ll be enjoying some delicious tap water. How about you?