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Indoor Winter Activities to Encourage a Love of Literacy

Winter in the Poconos is typically incredibly cold and harsh. Last year was the coldest on record. We even had a snow storm before Thanksgiving! While this year has been mild so far, I know better than to get too comfortable and think it’s going to stay like this! One year, we had beautiful weather throughout half of December, then a blizzard on Christmas! Before cabin fever even has a chance to start setting in, I try to plan ahead and stock up on good books, great literature-based flicks, and plenty of Jake’s favorite treats, like TruMoo Chocolate Milk! We love to try it hot during the cold months.

Indoor Winter Boredom Buster Ideas that Encourage a Love of Reading

Indoor Winter Activities to Encourage a Love of Literacy

Reading is one of our favorite ways to pass the cold winter nights. I make sure I keep tons of books on hand for both of us to enjoy. Like me, Jake can devour a novel pretty quickly if it’s something he enjoys. I’m excited because he’s getting to an age where he can read some of my favorite middle-grade books. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for discussions. Speaking of, here’s a funny story:

Jake asked me how he can talk to a girl he likes. I told him to find common interests. He said she likes to read. I told him to read some of the books she likes, then talk to her about them. He said “mom, that’s not dating, that’s  a book club!” Well, kid, you’re ten! Book club is as close as you’re getting to dating for a LOOOONG time! Anyway, whether our book discussions prepare him for talking to girls (eeek!) or help him do better in school, I just know it’s fun to be able to share my favorites with my little man!

If you have a reluctant reader, movies are a great way to entice them to dive into literature. I know it sounds counterproductive, but hear me out. More and more movies are based on books these days.  Grab a stack of book-based films on DVD and have a movie marathon. Then follow up with a readathon of the books that the films were based on. This even works with younger kids, just choose fairy tales instead of dystopian fiction or teen dramas. Compare and contrast the movies and books, talk about what was different, what you both wish they added in, what you thought of the actors who played the characters, etc. While I usually recommend reading the book before the movie, sometimes you have to bend that rule to get kids interested in the written account.

Whether you opt for a readathon, movie marathon or a combination of both, make it even more fun by adding in little challenges and games. Examples include:

  • Creating your own trivia game based on the movies or books you enjoyed.
  • Acting out your favorite scenes in a charades game while everyone tries to guess which part it is
  • Logging your reading minutes and trying to beat your previous day’s score

Indoor Winter Activities to Encourage a Love of Literacy

Of course, no matter which activity you choose, you’ll need refreshments! Fuel your marathons with delicious hot TruMoo Chocolate Milk! Jacob is absolutely crazy for TruMoo. It’s a permanent item on my grocery shopping list. He’s always loved chocolate milk, but one day he tried TruMoo Chocolate Milk and that was it. There are no alternatives for him now. He doesn’t ask for chocolate milk, he asks for TruMoo. Thank goodness it’s available nationwide in grocery stores so I can always find it! TruMoo Hot 5

Honestly, I’m happy he likes it so much. He’s such a picky eater, so I know he’s getting plenty of calcium and Vitamins A & D. TruMoo is made with real milk (and NO growth hormones or high-fructose corn syrup) and just the right amount of chocolate to make it fabulous. It tastes just as delicious hot as it does cold, especially during those frigid winter days! I like mine with whipped cream on top, but Jake prefers his plain. He’s a TruMoo purist! He’ll put whipped cream on other stuff, but he likes his “Moo” just the way it is.

Take advantage of the cold months to open up whole new worlds to your child. Make sure you grab plenty of books for you too! If you show how much you love reading, your kids will gravitate towards books as well. Don’t forget the TruMoo!


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What do you do to beat back cabin fever? Tell me your favorite indoor winter activities!

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