As a bit of a techno-freak, it’s always been a dream of mine to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. It just looks like one of the coolest expos on the planet! I’ve been drooling a bit over the CES 16 roster, playing pretend vacation in my head. Due to finances and medical issues , attending this year is just out of the question, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream! Check out 7 things on the schedule that I’ve been lovingly gazing at, wishing I could see in person at CES 16!

Heading to CES 2016? Check out 7 things everyone needs to check out at the biggest tech show of the year!

7 Things to See at CES 16

Augmented Reality  (LVCC, South Hall 2)

7 Things I Wish I Could See at CES 2016

The entire augmented reality marketplace section is calling my name. Once upon a time, this time of tech existed only in sci-fi films. Now, it’s in nearly every household in some way. From apps that let you superimpose your dog into funny scenes to wearable technology that practically puts you right in the thick of your favorite game. It’s just plain cool, and I’d love to see what all the different companies are working on to create an even richer experience. The Oculus Rift sounds pretty spectacular! Although I hear that the release date was pushed back yet again, so who knows when we’ll actually see it?

Robotics (Sands, Level 2)

The Jetsons made us all believe we’d have our very own Rosie by the time we reached the 2000’s. Robots of that level are still far from being a household feature, but robotics already enrich our lives in so many ways. From companies that use miniature robotic toys to teach kids how to code to medical companies designing complex machines that make elaborate surgeries less invasive, these machines are definitely changing the world. While I still have a few reservations left over from seeing the Terminator movies too many times, I can’t deny that it’s fascinating stuff!

7 Things I Wish I Could See at CES 2016

Family Tech Summit (Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4301, Thurs, Jan 7)

The Family Tech Summit features tons of, obviously, tech for families. Aside from a show floor filled with everything from educational tech for kids to everyday tech that makes your life easier, they also have an entire day of awesome talks planned. I wish I could be there in person to learn about KidZania, a new indoor theme park for our digitally connected kids! Check out their agenda here if you’re going to be attending.

The Latest and Greatest in Computers & Gaming

Oh, how I wish I could see what the computer industry has in store for us for the future! Hybrid PC’s are still big news, expect to see advances in those. My Acer Chromebook R11 is right on target, with its 360-degree hinge that lets it open into laptop, tent and tablet. Jacob would do back flips to find out what the gaming industry is planning. I’d just be happy if someone could make headphones that this kid can’t destroy! Seriously, please!!!

TVs that are Way Smarter than Your Average Bear

TVs just keep getting smarter and smarter. To be honest, I only just got a flat screen TV last year, and it’s not even as smart as the average squirrel. It’s just a flat screen. Nothing fancy about it. I did get a relatively smart Blu-Ray player, but it doesn’t really work. The remote does weird things, like blocks the signal to every other device in the downstairs area. The boy got an XBOX One for Christmas with a built-in BluRay player, and I did go out and get myself a new Sony BluRay player that I an hoping works better than the other one. Anyway, back to smart TVs. LG is unveiling some sort of new super smart TV called webOS 3.0, loaded with features and free content. While it will be years before I can actually get one, this means the semi-smart current TVs will go on sale as everyone rushes out to get the newer models. That’s good news for me!

Hot new Kid Tech (Sands, Level 2)

Jacob is all about the tech, so I’d love to see what companies have to offer our middle-graders. I see a lot of tech focused on young kids. That’s cool and all, but I want to see more companies develop great products for tweens. I do see some promising prospects on the list of exhibitors. like LEGO Education, Odyssey Toys, SpinMaster Toys. I’d love to see what they’re developing. Since teaching kids to code is all the rage this year, I’m expecting to see some pretty cool things come out of that trend.

3D Everything!

7 Things I Wish I Could See at CES 2016: Anvil 3D Printer

Anvil 3D Printer

From 3D TVs to gaming systems (the boy finally got a Nintendo 3DS) to glasses to printers, it’s all about 3D lately. One thing I’d really love to see: the Anvil 3D Printer. I got an invite to come check it out, but alas, I won’t be in Vegas. I read the press release on it though and it’s pretty nifty! Basically, Anvil is bringing the whole 3D printing experience to the everyday person. It’s smaller, lighter and at $299, far more affordable.

Honestly, I’d be happy to just wander around and gape open-mouthed at all the pretty tech at CES 2016! These are just a few things on my “oh how I wish” list. If you’re heading to the show, let me know if everything is as awesome as it sounds!

What type of tech do you most want to see in 2016? What are you hoping they’ll unveil at CES 2016?