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Did you know that Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food is on the hunt for the next heroic pet? It’s true! It could be YOUR pooch or kitty! I’ll tell you more about that in a bit, but first, I want to tell you about one of my little heroes!

Alexander the Fuzz is totally my hero pet! He's the little former feral with the great big heart. Check out his story! #MyPetIsMyHero

Let me start this by saying that every single pet out there is a hero in their own way. From the Search and Rescue dogs who go on dangerous missions to bring lost loved ones home to their families to the little family cat who brightens up a child’s day after a rough time at school. Every pet is extraordinary. I have several cats and dogs, all extraordinary in their own way. Today, though, I want to tell you about our latest addition, Alexander the Fuzz, aka Fuzz Fuzz.

Alexander the Fuzz: My Tiny Hero with the Big Heart

To understand the Fuzz’s story, you have to know a little about his family. My neighborhood has a large feral cat population. When I moved into this house, my elderly neighbor was feeding a group of ferals regularly. As time went on, we started helping out with the feedings. As you can imagine, I have a pretty loyal following of ferals outside my house. A family of about five, actually, although that family varies depending on, sadly, who makes it through the season.

"Monkey" is one of our ferals and Fuzz' older sibling.

“Monkey” the feral, one of Alex’s older siblings, we assume, from last year.

This year, one of the Mama cats had a litter fairly late in the season. One of those kittens was The Fuzz. The Fuzz was different from other kittens. He wanted love and attention…from humans. I was adamant that we would NOT have another cat. No way, no how. Not happening. As cute as he was, I couldn’t start taking in ferals. I’d never stop!

Then the Fuzz started following my son everywhere. He also started hanging out at the fence, begging the dogs to love him. Oddly, the dogs didn’t seem to mind him. When I’d go outside, he’d run to my feet, begging to be held. When his mama was, very sadly, killed by a predator, we noticed he was getting really sick. He couldn’t bathe himself and his eyes were gluing shut. He was smaller than his siblings too.

Little Alex the Fuzz in his feral days, because he moved inside.

I’d sit out there with him, cleaning him with baby wipes and drying him, and he’d just try to climb up my coat and nuzzle me.  I couldn’t take it. I am incredibly emotional when it comes to animals, especially those in need. I couldn’t stand leaving him out there, especially when he so obviously wanted a home. When he tried to dash in the door after me, that was it.

“Take him to the vet,” I said to my mom (she lives with me). “See if they can save him. If he’s not going to get our other cats sick,  bring him in.” Well, that night, the Fuzz moved in. Within an hour, he was settled in happily, acting like he was always meant to be in the house.

Alex the Fuzz before his eyes healed completely, after we brought him in.

Alex the Fuzz before his eyes healed completely, after we brought him in.

Alex is brave, strong and loving. Despite losing his mama young and spending the first 8 weeks of his life as a feral, he’s got the biggest heart of any little fuzzball I’ve ever met. Fuzz is proof that tenacity mixed with a kind, loving attitude really pays off. He’s a miniature furry inspiration. If that doesn’t make him a heroic little guy, I don’t know what does.

Pet Hero

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When Alex the Fuzz lived outside, he ate what we fed the ferals. As much as I’d love to give them all premium food, I just don’t have the budget for it. Since he lost his mama at such a young age, Fuzz had a lot of catching up to do. He was a little over one pound when he moved in. Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food isn’t just a premium food, it’s super-premium! It’s made with wholesome ingredients right here in the US. Fuzz likes that it has real meat as the first ingredient, yummm! I like that it has a balance of fruits, veggies and herbs as well.

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Alex is very happy now! He’s warm, cozy, well-fed and definitely loved! Just wait until next month when I show you exactly how loved he- and my other kitties- are! Oh, the lengths to which we go to make our cats happy!

Your turn! Tell me about your hero pet! Remember, they’re all heroic in some way, even if they just make you smile when you’re feeling blue!