With Valentine’s Day approaching and Easter coming up fast on its heels, I’ve been on the hunt for great gifts for gamers for my son. We don’t go all crazy with gifts on either holiday, but I do still like to get him a little something. These 7 gifts for gamers all cost under $25, so they won’t break your budget. They’re perfect for all the upcoming holidays, birthday gifts for your favorite gamer or just as a surprise for a great report card.

These 11 gift ideas for gamers come in at $25 or less, so they won't bust your budget! They're perfect for holidays, birthdays or just to say "hey, great job on that A at school!"

5 Favorite Gifts for Gamers That Cost $25 or less

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Anything by KontrolFreek

Anything by KontrolFreek makes a perfect gift for gamers!

When KontrolFreek asked if I wanted to check out their grips and thumbsticks for review, I had to say yes. My son is obsessed with their stuff. When he first told me about them last year, I thought he was making them up. Then I found them online and bought him a set of the thumbsticks. Now he practically collects them. I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about them. My son said to tell you that they significantly improve your aim on games like COD (that stands for Call of Duty, for all my non-gamer parents), Halo and pretty much everything that requires accuracy to survive zombies. If you get confused, KontrolFreek has a handy dandy buyer’s guide that helps you choose the right one for yourself or your gamer.

KontrolFreek Grips

Jacob’s controller with his new grips and thumbsticks that he got for Christmas from his cousin (he’s hanging on to his new ones for now)

Jacob never tried out their grips before now, which surprises me. I’m thinking he didn’t know about them, otherwise he’d have asked for them already. The grips are pretty cool. You just stick them on your controller and they help provide more support and comfort when you’re playing. Jacob is 10, so his hands are smaller than the average XBOX One controller target audience. The KontrolFreek Grips really make it easier for him to hold on to the controller, especially when he gets all sweaty. He jumps around a lot when he plays (seriously, he’s the most active gamer you’ll ever see), so that extra grip action makes a huge difference for him. I also recommend grabbing CleanFreek to keep your controller spic and span clean!

Visit KontrolFreek to check out all their products.  They have the Grips and Thumbsticks Bundle on sale for $24.99. Just the Grips alone retail for $12.99. Thumbsticks vary depending on the style, from $10.99-17.99.


Jacob is absolutely obsessed with LootCrate. He begged for a subscription back in November, even going so far as to find me a coupon code (my referral code says you can save $3 with SAVE3, so try that). When it arrived, he was so thrilled with it that I kept the subscription going. For Christmas, I promised him that I’d keep it for at least another three months as one of his gifts. I’ll most likely continue it because it’s the most exciting part of the month for him.

Each LootCrate revolves around a different theme. Jacob anxiously awaits the theme preview every month. January was “Invasion” and came with things like a Space Invaders figure, an X-Files flashlight, a t-shirt and other collectibles. This guy does some pretty stellar unboxings, so check out his video (but, um, use my referral link, pretty please, because I could really use the money off!).

If you go month-to-month, LootCrate will run you about $21 a month. It says $13.95 + $6 shipping, but then there’s tax too, so closer to $21. You can save by paying for a few months up front, but I don’t really have that kind of cash sitting around, so I just pay monthly. Besides, then I can use it as a reward for my son. Get good grades, behave, etc, and I’ll keep your LootCrate going.

I’ll be honest, some of the stuff is hit or miss. The Mystery Crates that they charged $15 for to get rid of extra stuff they had laying around was a total bust. Jacob didn’t get a single thing he liked, and it was insanely late on delivery. That said, the majority of the crates have enough stuff in them to make it worth the $20. Plus the excitement of waiting for it lasts all month for Jake. We’ve paid more than that to see bad movies, so I figure it all evens out in the end. As far as the t-shirts go, I get Jake the smalls and while they’re still big, they’re not huge, so he’ll be able to wear them in the summer.

Head to LootCrate to check out the options. Sign up by February 19th for this month’s “Dead” box (think Deadpool, Walking Dead, etc).

Funko Pop Characters

Funko Fallout Boy gift idea for gamers


Funko Pop bobble heads are a huge hit with Jake, especially now that he’s in that “collectibles” stage. They have such a massive selection that I’ve even been able to find some of Jacob’s favorite video game characters, like Vault Boy from Fallout. Funkos retail for around $11-12 for the regular ones when you buy them in stores like Hot Topic, FYE and book stores. I HIGHLY recommend buying them on Amazon’s Funko Pop store, and not just because I used an affiliate link. I haven’t seen better prices anywhere else. On Amazon, they average around $8-9 for the normal Funkos and they have the best selection.

Call of Duty Endowment Limited Edition Dog Tags

Call of Duty Endowment Limited Edition Dog Tags

For Call of Duty fans, you really can’t get anything better than the limited-edition dog tags that supports the Call of Duty Endowment. The endowment funds organizations that help get unemployed vets back to work. You can find them for Advanced Warfare on Amazon. GameStop still has them for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.



Like Funko characters, you can find posters for just about every interest under the sun. Last year, Jacob and I updated his room to get rid of all his little kid posters and swap them out for “ultimate boy room” wall art, like this Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and this Minecraft poster. AllPosters.com is my favorite source for posters because they constantly have pretty awesome sales. Jacob is really into Destiny, so I’m thinking of grabbing him this really cool Hunter Class poster for Easter. It’s so different than everything else hanging on his wall right now.

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