I love when one of my favorite activities gets trendy again, like adult coloring books have! I’ve always loved coloring. I’m not a great artist, but I can usually manage to color inside the lines! With the resurgence of the trend, I’m finding more and more great books to buy all the time! In honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday, I’m sharing a few of my favorite Celtic adult coloring books.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day & show off your Irish pride while relaxing with these 5 amazing Celtic adult coloring books! Plus check out a few great free Irish coloring pages too!

If you’re wondering why you should pick up the crayons (or colored pencils) and start coloring again, check out my post on quick relaxation techniques for busy moms. Coloring is prominently featured, along with a few great free coloring pages!

Celtic Adult Coloring Books

*This post contains affiliate links. If you buy one of these super awesome adult coloring books through my link, I get a small commission. Thanks so much!

5 Beautiful Celtic Adult Coloring Books + Where to Find FREE Printable Irish Coloring Pages

Celtic Knotwork Stained Glass Colouring Book
If you’re looking for a fun Celtic adult coloring book that isn’t too complicated, this is a great pic. With 32 different designs, the art work is intricate enough to be engaging, yet spacious enough to not make you squint. The other cool thing about this book, when you hang your art work near a light source, it sort of glows, like stained glass.

5 Beautiful Celtic Adult Coloring Books + Where to Find FREE Printable Irish Coloring Pages

The Ancient Alchemy Coloring Book: Celtic Knots, Mandalas, and Sacred Symbols
This one is tops on my list because it’s more than just one of the prettiest Celtic adult coloring books, it’s also informative. The beginning of the book talks about the different symbols that you’ll be coloring. At 224 pages and 100 designs to color, you get a whole lot for the $11.36!

5 Beautiful Celtic Adult Coloring Books

Creative Haven Celtic Designs Coloring Book
This one makes my list because it has a pretty diverse range of Celtic designs throughout its 64 pages. From knots to illuminated manuscript (Kells) drawings, you’ll find something to suit whatever mood you’re in when you sit down to color. Sometimes I like the neverending knots, but other times I’m looking for something a bit more structured and scenic. This one covers both.

5 Beautiful Celtic Adult Coloring Books

Little Irish Stained Glass Coloring Book
If you want something super cute and super portable, you can’t go wrong with the little Dover coloring books. I had just about all of these at some point in my adult life. This one is just right for tucking in your purse and breaking out at the doctor’s office. If you have kids, I bet you have boxes of those little crayon sets they give you with the kid’s menu at restaurants! If not, well, go get some!

5 Beautiful Celtic Adult Coloring Books

Celtic Designs Adult Coloring Book

I love this one because it’s a bit diverse (it weaves mythical creatures into the knotwork), but also because of the overall quality of the coloring pages themselves. Each design is printed on acid-free heavy paper, so if you’re particularly proud of your work, it’s just right for displaying. With only 31 pictures to color, it’s not the most robust book on the list, but it’s definitely highly rated!

A Few Places to find free Celtic Coloring Pages for Adults

Not really sure you want to buy a whole book? I’ve also rounded up a few spots to find free printable adult Celtic coloring pages. I made sure that all of these sites offered free printables without sneaky viruses or complicated downloads.

  • Don’t Eat the Paste actually drew this Celtic knot heart design. It’s not a PDF, but you can download and print the image. She also has a really pretty Shamrock coloring page as well as tons of other original designs.
  • A quick search on Deviant Art for Celtic coloring pages brings up a few “personal use only” designs that you can print, including a simple yet elegant knotwork design by Artistfire. Make sure you read the license for each artist though, some prefer you not print their work at all, while others are fine with you doing it to color it in your own home for your own enjoyment.
  • Dover Publications offers free samples to their newsletter subscribers. While you might not get Celtic coloring pages, it’s still worth signing up to grab a few fun adult coloring pages here and there!

You could, of course, just do a Bing search for “free Celtic adult coloring pages,” and you’ll get plenty of results. I had a hard time sorting out who was sharing with permission, who was just grabbing images from others and, perhaps worse of all, who was scanning in pages from books.  I didn’t feel comfortable including links to all those sites. If you do happen to have a free Celtic coloring sheet that you created (or have permission to share as part of a book review, etc) and want it added to this list, just let me know.

So there you go! Plenty of Celtic adult coloring fun to keep you busy and relaxed well past St. Patrick’s Day!

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Do you have any favorite styles of adult coloring books? Tell me about them in the comments!

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