It’s not often that I get a pitch from a 9-year-old entrepreneur, so when I do, I definitely take notice!  Elle of Elle B Majestic wrote me asking me to share her unique accessory brand, which make great gifts for kids. After reading her eloquent message to me, I just had to check out her accessories. Wow, are they CUTE! Elle proves that little hands really can make a huge style splash.

Elle b MAJESTIC creations, made by a 9-year-old entrepreneur with big dreams, show that big style can come from little hands. Her unique accessories brand makes great gift ideas for stylish girls of all ages. Check them out!

Elle b MAJESTIC: Unique Accessories & Darling Gift Ideas

Elle is such an inspiration to kids everywhere, proving that you can use your talents to support your other dreams. She started her accessory brand, Elle b MAJESTIC to raise money so that she can “retire my mom from her stressful day job she hates so she could be all mine and take me to acting auditions.”

Elle b MAJESTIC distressed jean headband

She’s also saving for college, because she heard Harvard is expensive. I hear, you, Elle! My 10-year-old son Jacob just told me he wants to go to Harvard too. I figure I have 8 years to figure out how to pay for that AND how to afford living in Boston, because I promised him I’d be a stalker mom and follow him wherever he goes, since he’s my one and only. He said that’s fine, he doesn’t want to live with strangers in a dorm room anyway.


Elle went on to tell me that she often recycles materials to keep her planet safe. In fact, that distressed jean headband above was make from her little brother’s pants. Don’t worry, she assures me that she “bleached them good so you don’t have to worry about his cooties!” How much do you love her right now? Get ready to love her even more.

The reason Elle makes her headbands so big and, in her words, “out there” is because when she struggled with alopecia, she wore a lot of headbands to hide the baldness. Kids can be very cruel, and it breaks my heart to think of anyone teasing another child for something they can’t control (or at all, really). Elle’s “fierce” fashions are designed for everyone, young and old, but I especially love the fact that her headbands are big, bold and beautiful way to boost confidence in kids with alopecia.


Ella doesn’t just make headbands. She also creates custom jewelry, like her “I love…” bracelets. You can choose a self-confidence boosting message like “I love myself,” a sweet sentiment like “I love you” or fill in the blank and choose anything else that you love.

Elle b MAJESTIC emoji purse

Then, of course, there’s one of her best sellers: the Emoji backpack charm that comes with the handmade “pile of poo” charm.

Check out more of Elle’s creations on Elle b MAJESTIC. Elle would LOVE for you to follow her on Instagram, as being “instafamous” is one of the things on her bucket list. Let’s show her some support! After all, it’s hard work being an entrepreneur at any age, but imagine trying to run a business when you have homework and a strict bedtime!