Ready to stop bundling your family up in 500 layers just to avoid turning up your thermostat and getting slapped with high energy costs? I’m SO happy to tell you about my favorite new space heater, the Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater. Plus, keep reading, because I have a chance for one of you to win one!

Tired of bundling up and freezing in your own home to avoid high heating costs? Check out my new secret weapon. Okay, it's not really a secret, since I'm telling you about it! You're going to LOVE the Honeywell MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater as much as I do, I just know it!

I know what you’re thinking: “Nikki, it’s a space heater, how exciting can it really be?” Well, if you’re like me, walking around in a blanket cape all day, tripping over dogs because you can’t see over your bundles and STILL crying over the electric bill, it’s pretty exciting! Honeywell sent me their super duper spectacular (can you tell I’m crazy in love with this thing already?) MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater to check out. When they told me about it, it’s like they were saying “we made this JUST for you!” The question: “have you ever found yourself layering your clothes while indoors in an effort to keep heating costs down?” had me nodding such an emphatic “yes” that it shook loose the hood on my head!

Stop Being a Bundler Thanks to the Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater

*I received a Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater in exchange for an honest review. Prizing for the giveaway portion provided by Honeywell.

Stop bundling up & freezing in your own home! Meet my new secret weapon against high heating costs! Here's a hint: it's from Honeywell!


Does this scene look familiar? Okay, so I don’t exactly have a scarf on all day long, but bundled I am! Remember up there in the intro I mentioned tripping over dogs? That wasn’t just a “thrown out there for emphasis” statement. I literally tripped over Maia about two weeks ago, right before my Honeywell heater arrived.

I was wearing a blanket, tied around my neck cape style. Let that image sink in for a minute, because I looked like an insane super hero. Anyway, I stood up and turned around to walk to the coffee pot (I’m always walking to the coffee pot!). The dog was right behind me, but I couldn’t see her because of my bundling. I stepped forward, hit dog with my foot and went down like a tree in a forest. Except I definitely made noise. Pain, my friends. Pain for weeks!

The dog was fine, although super irritated that I disrupted her nap. In fact, she was so irritated that she required biscuits at 15-minute intervals for the next two days! Okay, so maybe not that bad, but she definitely insisted I make it up to her. Hey, she’s elderly, she’s allowed to be a DIVA.

The Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater

Right after that, my Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater arrived. I stuck it right in the middle of large entrance that sits in between the living room area and the dining/kitchen/my work area. During the day when I’m in “my office” I point it towards the dining area. At night, I simply turn it towards the living area. That one heater heats up my entire high-traffic living space in about 15 minutes. I don’t even have the heat on in half the downstairs any more. I don’t have a mansion by a long shot, but it’s not a tiny house either. It’s about the average sized house I think.

Now, I’ve had space heaters in the past. They KILLED my electric bill. This house is a heat vampire. We sealed it up with plastic, participated in a program to make it more energy efficient, everything you can think of. Yet the moment we turn on the heat, the bill skyrockets from $100 to $400 overnight. So at first I was concerned about that. But you’ll note the MYenergySmart™ part of the name, complete with the fancy trademark. Hmmm, what could that mean? So many appliances call themselves energy efficient, but they often have very different ideas than I do of what that means.

Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater saves money on energy costs

Photo Credit: Honeywell

Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater can actually save you up to 35% on your energy bill. To me, THAT is energy-efficient! That’s definitely “energy smart.” So how does it do it? The heater uses EnergySmart® tech to regulate power consumption. It gives you multiple options, including three heat settings, two MyTemp settings to set your own temperature and a 1-8 hour automatic shut-off timer.

Now, say you decide you want to heat the room to the average 68 degrees. The Honeywell heater uses its smarts to figure out which setting it needs to be on to get the room to that temperature using the least amount of energy. You can also save money by putting it on the lower heat setting, which uses 750 watts instead of 1500 watts. Don’t worry, it will still heat up the room just fine.

All of this and it comes with a remote! Plus the digital LED lights let you know the room’s temperature as well as which options you’ve chosen. It even tells you right on the display the amount of energy being used at a specific time. So if you notice it kick into a higher energy setting and you’re thinking “budget is pretty tight this month,” you can go ahead and change it to the lower setting. Basically, it’s the smartest space heater you’ve ever met. Oh, and it has a permanent filter to prevent dust and particles from getting into it. Check out how it works (graphic from Honeywell):

heater picture

If you’re worried about your mini zoo of pets knocking it over, don’t. Even with a crazy kitten, an elderly dog and a somewhat clumsy (okay, super clumsy) me, this baby stays put. If one of us does manage to knock into it, it’s designed with 4-way tip-over protection that automatically shuts the heater off if tipped in any direction.

Ready to bring home this secret weapon against high heating costs? Head over to Honeywell’s website to learn more! Connect with Honeywell on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news. They share some really neat stuff on their social media pages (I learned how microwaves actually work), so seriously, check them out.

Honeywell Supports Operation Warm

Another thing I LOVE about Honeywell: they support Operation Warm, an organization that provides high-quality, unused coats to children in need. Operation Warm doesn’t just give kids coats, they give confidence by letting children choose a brand-new coat. HoneywellPluggedIn is donating $5,000 to the organization. Learn more about that on their Gift of Warmth page.

Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater Giveaway

As promised, here is your chance to win your very own Honeywell MYenergySmart™ Infrared Heater, worth $229.99! You know the routine, just enter below on the handy dandy entry form. Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and ends on March 4th.

Honeywell Heater

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