If there’s one thing that really gets a girl with a whole dedicated skin care cabinet excited, it’s the chance to try out products that I normally wouldn’t be able to find on my own. When I lived in Japan back at the turn of the century (and millennium), I loved buying all the neat natural skin care goodies that no one had back in the states. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the money to hop a plane to Morocco to pick up a new lotion, or Australia to try a new facial cleanser. Who am I kidding, my car can barely make it to New Jersey these days!

Discover natural beauty from around the world without leaving home thanks to Pearlesque Box!

So how can I discover natural beauty products from all around the world without every leaving my house? Why, the magic of the internet, of course! Now, I could research and buy products from stores I’ve never heard of, hoping that I get something good. I think we’ve all done that before, right? Or I can open up my Pearlesque Box and see what’s inside! I did receive the March box in my mail in exchange for an honest review, after all.

Discover a World of Natural Beauty Gems with Pearlesque Box

Discovering a world of natural beauty- literally- has never been easier, thanks to Pearlesque Box. The subscription box service hunts around the world, finding only the purest and most spectacular offerings from each country. Then they package them up and send them to your door! Each month, you’ll receive a collection of natural goodies from a different land.

Discover natural beauty from around the world without leaving home thanks to Pearlesque Box!

The March Pearlesque Box features three items from the Skin Essence collection from Canada. The cleanser, moisturizer and eye serum are all full-size products. That’s one of the things that really makes Pearlesque Box stand out. Rather than filling a box with samples, you actually get full-size products or healthy travel sizes that you can actually use more than once.


The Skin Essence facial moisturizer is quite unique. It’s more of an oil-based moisturizer, which is actually better for many skin types than a cream.It not only moisturizers and locks in liquids, it also draws out the nastier oils that clog your pores. All the ingredients in every product are certified organic and actually necessary to the product. No fillers, no junk. Just natural beauty.

Discover natural beauty from around the world without leaving home thanks to Pearlesque Box!

That’s actually a requirement to make it into a Pearlesque Box. Their mission is to bring you ONLY non-toxic and safe products from around the world. You get to try new things that you may never have know about, and at a fraction of the price. The three products in my March box would have cost me a lot more than $39.95 if I bought them all myself separately.

Now, some of you may be wondering “why ‘around the world? Why not bring us good old ‘made in the USA’ products?” Well, here’s the thing: the US is great when it comes to certain things, but our laws regarding what we allow into cosmetics are, to say the least, lacking. The FDA has a list of 11 ingredients that aren’t allowed in cosmetics because they’re considered unsafe. The European Union has a list of over 1,300.  I’m not bashing US-made products, though. There are a lot of very responsible US companies that take it upon themselves to create safe cosmetics.   In fact, two past Pearlesque Boxes have featured products made in US states.

The box costs $39.95 a month, including shipping. I appreciate that shipping is already rolled into the cost. I just ordered a gamer box for my son from another site that cost $20. I didn’t see the shipping cost, but thought it couldn’t be more than $5. I got slammed with a $10 shipping fee! Cancelling! So HUGE thanks to Pearlesque Box for NOT hiding the shipping cost in itty bitty numbers somewhere.

Subscribe to Pearlesque Box and Save 20%

If you order before March 5th, you can snag the same Pearlesque Box that I reviewed with the Skin Essence products from Canada. Miss the deadline? No worries, you can still grab next month’s box! Save 20% off your subscription with coupon code PRETTY20. Follow Pearlesque Box on Instagram to for beautiful updates. They have a giveaway going on right now on their Instagram page, so check it out! Head over to their Facebook page for more news.

If you could try a skin care product from any country, what would it be? If you live overseas, tell me something from your country that I should try!