Need a few last-minute Easter crafts and basket ideas, but don’t really want to resort to chucking more sugary snacks into the basket? Wonderful Halos has come to the rescue! I’ll admit, I’m SO far behind on planning for Easter. I only just realized that it’s like 4 days away. I have a couple of little things for Jake’s basket, but he’s not a huge candy eater. I happen to love candy, so he gets that from his dad. He’s sadly also not a huge fruit eater with very few exceptions. One of those: Wonderful Halo Mandarins.

Last-Minute Easter Ideas with Wonderful Halos Mandarins

*This post is brought to you by Wonderful Halos.  All photos courtesy of Wonderful Halos.

Wonderful Halos Mandarins are just as sweet as candy yet so much better for your kids. I’m not saying ditch all the chocolate and sugar snacks (well, unless that’s your thing), but there’s nothing wrong with including a few healthy treats in the basket. Especially when you have a little fun with it! Check out a few fun ways to include Wonderful Halos in your Easter basket!

Make a Bunny Pouch!


Want a little more flare with your Easter basket presentation? Tuck your Halos inside a super cute bunny pouch! Check out the tutorial here. Then check out the video below to give your bunny a buddy!

You can also make these adorable little baskets for your Halos! This is a cute craft idea if you need Easter party favors.


Another super simple yet fun idea: play hide the Halos! Along with- or instead of- Easter Eggs, hide a few Halos in clever locations for kids to find on Easter morning. Just make sure you do it shortly before your egg hunt. Oh, and not outside! Well, unless you’re planning a special hunt for the squirrels! One year, I hid candy and fruit outside for Jake to find. He never got to find it because the animals came and took it all.

Creative Recipes Made with Wonderful Halos

Sweeten up your Easter dinner with Halos. I am dying to try this first recipe. I think it’s a great alternative to ham for your Easter feast (I don’t eat ham).

Wonderful Halos Mandarin & Quinoa Chicken Bowls

Wonderful Halos Mandarin & Quinoa Chicken Bowls

Aren’t these Smoothie pops pretty? Perfect colors for Easter! Here’s an idea: after your kids explore their baskets, take their Halos to the kitchen and help them whip up a few of these frozen treats!

Wonderful Halos Mandarin Smoothie Pops

Wonderful Halos Mandarin Smoothie Pops


Why Mandarins?

Why would you want to include mandarins in your child’s Easter basket, aside from the fact that they’re yummy? For one thing, mandarins provide your kids with 45 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C at just around 50 calories each. They’re great for little hands because kids can actually peel them on their own. Jake likes them because they don’t have any seeds. He won’t touch a fruit if he even so much as glimpses a seed near it. I like them because they’re fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium free. Wonderful Halos mandarins are non-GMO and grown in California.

Do you have any other favorite ways to include Wonderful Halo mandarins in your Easter celebration? Tell me in the comments!