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If you’re a regular reader, you know that I tried out the brand new Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ about a month ago and shared how much I was loving it. Well, after nearly a month solid of trying out all three varieties, I’m excited to tell you that it really does hold up to all of its promises! Even more exciting: Target has some pretty spectacular deals happening to help you save money while keeping your home smelling fresh! Fresh Step Alex

Fresh Step with the Power of Febreze: Truly Unsmellable Litter at Last!

Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ made a very big promise: a guarantee to control odors for a solid 10 days. They followed up that guarantee by promising to give your money back if they didn’t deliver. Guess what? They won’t be needing to give my money back! For the last month, I’ve alternated between the two different varieties of Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™. I started with the Multi-Cat formula because, well, as you know, I have multiple cats! Zoe Fresh Step Febreze Shortly after, I decided to try out the Extreme formula for no reason other than I felt like mixing things up a bit. I was pleased to find that it worked just as well as the Multi-Cat formula, even with 5 kitties using the two boxes on a constantly rotating basis. During the month, we did buy a different litter once because we were at a discount store that didn’t have Fresh Step, we desperately needed litter and we didn’t have time to drive around to get the good stuff.

What a disaster! I could tell the difference right away. The litter boxes are in my laundry room. When I walk past them while using Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™, I don’t smell a thing, thanks to the ClumpLock™ Odor Technology.  When we were using the other litter- pew! Stinky! We ended up tossing the whole batch within a day. What a waste of money. Fresh Step Target 1 Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ is also a lower-dust formula than previous formulas. Although I’ve never found Fresh Step® to be incredibly dusty compared to some competitors, I do appreciate this. Fuzz had a cold for such a long time after we brought him in and dusty litter made him sneeze more. It makes ME sneeze more too! So while the odor control is the big exciting news, the lower dust level is a pretty big deal to me too.

Save 15% at Target!

Fresh Step Target While I think Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ is already incredibly reasonably priced for such a premium litter, now you can save even more by grabbing it at Target! From 3/27-4/2, Save 15% with Cartwheel  As far as my cats are concerned, that should save me enough to get them a bag of treats too! The Fuzz has discovered where we keep them. Now he grabs the bags and takes off through the house with them. He’s like a toddler, I tell you!

Fresh Step Alex Out of the Bag

The cat’s out of the bag! Target has great deals on Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™!

What are you waiting for? More cute Fuzz pictures? Get over to Target and snag that Cartwheel savings, then enjoy the fact that you can’t smell your litter!

Have you tried new Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™?  Share a few photos of your cat! I do love cute kitty pictures!

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