Let’s talk twitter tools that make blogging easier, shall we? Look, I’ll be brutally honest: I’m not expert when it comes to Twitter. In fact, it’s my least favorite social media network. No offense, little blue birdie! It’s just that I find it difficult to say something in 140 characters or less. Much less, actually, when you add in a link and a picture.

These 5 Twitter tools will make blogging easier, whether you actually like the social media network or just use it because you have to!

As a blogger, though, it’s a necessary tool. When we’re trying to get eyes on our posts, we need every logical resource possible. Millions of people love Twitter and use it daily, so we kind of need to be there, right? I’m all for anything that makes tweeting easier, so I’m constantly downloading and trying new apps. Half of them end up deleted, but there are a few I actually find useful. Check them out!

5 Twitter Tools You’ll Actually Want to Use

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I’ve been using CoSchedule for over a year now and couldn’t get by without it. It makes life so much easier. I can easily write my tweet and schedule multiple tweets per post right from the plugin in my post dashboard on WordPress. I can also use their calendar to schedule old posts based on what is most popular. The cheapest plan is about $20 a month, but they offer free trials. I just upgraded my old $10 legacy plan and got 30% off for six months.



I actually just came across Nuzzel last week, but it’s an instant keeper. I’ve been looking for a good Twitter curator to help me keep up with all the people I follow. I’ve tried and discarded so many of them. Nuzzel is neat because it groups tweets together based on how popular they are in your feed. It makes it easier for me to support my fellow bloggers and see what’s trending in general. I can even retweet right from Nuzzel.


I stink at hashtags. I’m fine with them if they’re super specific to a campaign, but in general, I don’t get them. My friend and co-worker Kristy of My Teen Guide told me about this Twitter hashtag tool. She pointed out that it’s really easy to accidentally use a hashtag that’s trending with negative connotations. With this tool, though, you can see what’s popular or search a hashtag to make sure it’s not currently trending in a bad way.



Similar to hashtagify.me, #TagBoard lets you search for hashtags and see what’s going on with it. Sometimes hashtagify doesn’t load for me, so this is my backup. I like the visual layout too, it’s clean and easy to follow. Plus it pulls in from Instagram and Facebook too, so it’s like one-stop shopping.



We all know that tweets with pics get shared more, right? Well, what do you do when you want to tweet out a great article, but the featured picture that pops up isn’t Twitter friendly? TwitShot it! Enter the URL and it will find all the pics on the page. Then right there, you can optimize it for Twitter and send it out.

There are dozens upon dozens of other great Twitter tools out there to make the social media network more fun for people who just aren’t that into it as well as those who absolutely love it. I would have made this list longer, but quite honestly, I’m having a really horrible week. 🙁 I just kind of ran out of steam. Still, these will get you started!

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