Ever since my mom got me a Kindle Fire for Easter,  I’ve been a bit obsessed with the “Actually Free” apps from Amazon Underground. They have thousands of awesome apps that, on other devices, usually cost money in some way, but through Amazon Underground are completely free. It’s not just the apps themselves that are free, but also all the in-game purchases.

Have you browsed the Amazon Underground app selection yet? It's an app addict's dream come true! Check out 13 Actually Free games that are actually pretty awesome!

I know this probably isn’t really news to anyone who’s had a Kindle Fire for a while, but it’s like the coolest thing ever to an app addict like myself. Check out a few of my favorite Amazon Underground games that make buying a Fire totally worthwhile!

X Awesome Actually-Free Apps from Amazon Underground

Affiliate links included below, but these apps are all free anyway. Still, if you click the link, then wander off elsewhere on the site within the same day and make a purchase, I will get a commission.

If you have a Kindle Fire, you already have access to Amazon Underground. For those with other Android devices, you can install an app that lets you access it. Honestly, for $49, it’s worth it to buy the Fire so you have an extra device for those times that your kids steal yours (my son is always on my iPad to use it for Skype while gaming with his friends, since his laptop got bricked recently).

Jetpack Joyride

One of the most popular games in the world is now totally free! Okay, so the game itself was always free, but now you can get all the in-app purchases without spending a dime. Jake has given himself like a gillion free coins to get all the upgrades that he doesn’t have the patience to earn. What would have cost hundreds of dollars (and no, I wouldn’t have let him actually spend that!) cost absolutely nothing. Check it out.

Goat Simulator

This bizarre little game originally cost $4.99. I’ve seen it in the App Store for my iPad and was really intrigued, but didn’t feel like paying for an app that I’m not sure I’ll like. Thanks to Amazon Underground, I got it for free. I’m also more likely to actually pay for it for my iPad now (so I can play on a bigger screen). It’s a weird game and I haven’t really mastered it quite yet, the whole mechanics of being a goat. I do love running around destroying things with my goat self, though! Get it here.

Cut the Rope

You’ll find numerous incarnations of this game free in Amazon Underground, including my current favorite, Cut the Rope Time Travel HD. With the Amazon Underground version, you don’t have to pay for more lives if you run out. You also get free access to other in-game features that you’d normally have to pay for, like unlimited powers.

Nemo’s Reef

I had this game on my old Android tablet and loved it…up until I got to a point where I need more and more pearls to complete missions. With this version, you start the game with 1,000 pearls as well as other necessities. It’s so much easier to build a beautiful reef! If you prefer the challenge, then don’t spend the pearls. For me, though, the fun is in the actually reef building and attracting new fish.

Zen Coloring Book for Adults

Take the adult coloring book craze on the go with this beautiful and totally free app from Amazon Underground. With access to every coloring page, you won’t run out of stress-relieving coloring fun too fast. I love how much control the app gives you over mixing your own colors. Grab it here.


This aptly named app is pretty much what it sounds like, a coloring book for adults. Like the Zen Coloring Book, it lets you customize your colors any way you like. It comes with a very robust library of pictures: 170 as of now. The interface is a smidge easier than the Zen app, but I don’t really have a favorite between the two. Both offer a great way to relax and unwind without breaking out the actual crayons.

Head’s Up

The hottest party app is not only totally free, but all the expansions are free too! That’s over 30 different decks to keep the fun going. It’s even fun enough to play with just one other person, although it really is more thrilling with a bit of a crowd. Check it out here.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is celebrating its 5th anniversary in style, with fun new mini-games and challenging levels. Since you don’t have to pay for in-app purchases, you can unlock all the cool blades and backgrounds right away. This ranks as one of Jake’s favorites. He rocks at it. I can’t even slice real fruit, so I’m kind of cruddy.


Love word games? Check out Hangman, the classic game of “guess the letter before you kill the poor little stick guy.” Unlock every level and function for free. That’s $17.99 worth of extras.
Loads of “Where’s My…” Games

Love the challenge of delivering water through a series of obstacles to an adorable little character? Get everything from Where’s My Perry to Where’s My Mickey from Amazon Underground. The Mickey one is my favorite, with it’s early-Disney style animations.
Mahjong Butterfly

This is currently my favorite Amazon Underground game. It originally cost $2.99, but like the others, it’s free through Amazon Underground. The ONLY thing I don’t like: you’ll see a series of ads very close together when you first open the app. After that, you don’t see any other ads, though, so it’s only irritating for about 10 seconds. I don’t mind ads in general, these are just a little too rapid-fire for me though. Aside from that, this is such a fun take on Mahjong. As you play, you collect butterflies by matching certain tiles. Don’t let the wind blow them away, though! It’s a Mahjong game with a purpose. Grab it here.

God of Light

This game is oddly relaxing, despite its challenging nature once you get to the higher levels. It think it has to do with the serene graphics. Your goal is to light up the darkness by reflecting beams of light and moving them around to reach other reflectors. Sounds easy enough, but as you advance in the game, more and more obstacles block your little light beam.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

While this Peanuts game is $5.99 just about everywhere else, you and your kids (I don’t deny it, I secretly play these cute kiddie games from time to time!) can grab it free from Amazon Underground. It’s basically an interactive version of the story. Bob for apples, play music with Schroeder, move objects around to watch them come to life. It’s the great pumpkin, what more could you want?

With thousands of Actually Free apps in Amazon Underground, these are far from the only games worth checking out. If you’re into those Toca games, they have just about every one of them for free. Love hidden object games? Check out a myriad of G5 apps filled with mystery and intrigue. They even have a bunch of the Disney-inspired games like Frozen Free Fall and Inside Out Thought Bubbles (except they only give you so much for free in those, and then you have to earn more, so I gave up on them after a while).

Do you have any favorite Amazon Underground games? Tell me in the comments so I can check it out! 

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