Now that the end of the school year is nigh (always look for an excuse to use that word), my son’s schedule has gone from laid back lazy days to back to back crazy days. I swear, he has a busier social calendar than I ever had at his age! From class trips to water parks, career day outings, band practices and more birthday parties than I can keep track of, it seems like every day has something going on. His most recent birthday party started at 10AM! Do you know what that meant? I had to get out of bed at 8am…on a Saturday! Oh, the humanity!

Since Jake is 10, his “go, go, go” schedule means I’m always on the go too. Obviously, he can’t drive himself around yet. He may be a rock star at racing games, but the law forbids 10-year-old children from hitting the actual highways. When I’m in a rush, I tend to forget just about everything, including the to-go coffee that I painstakingly prepared just to my liking. I need a “go” back. Something that has all the essentials in one spot, that doesn’t take up too much room and that keeps me looking like a relatively pulled together mom. Hey, no one has to know that I can’t even think straight before noon, right?

Get out the door fast and survive a crazy morning with these 7 busy mom morning "bug out bag" essentials!

I know preppers coined the term “bug out” bag to refer to that bag you grab when the world is ending…or zombies are attacking. Honestly, to me, facing a morning on the go is a lot scarier than brain-eating half-dead creatures. Before noon, they’ll just think I’m one of them anyway. So what do you put in your busy mom morning bug out bag? Let’s take a look!

Busy Mom Morning Bug Out Bag Essentials

Your busy mom morning bug out bag essentials will vary depending on your needs and personality. For me, at the very least, I need:

ONE great makeup essential

Note the capital ONE. I love makeup so much that it would be easy for me to fill an entire bag with all sorts of “essentials.” Honestly, though, I can usually get away without looking like an escaped lab rat with just concealer or mascara. If you’re fortunate enough to never deal with dark circles (feel the jealousy waves beamed at you), go with something like lip gloss or one of those great 3-in-one blush/lipstick/eye brightener sticks. Sometimes all it takes is one swipe of your favorite makeup product to make you feel like a normal person again.

The gentlest makeup remover wipes you can find

Why the gentlest? Easy: they’re more versatile. A good gentle makeup removing wipe can also be used to clean your kids’ messy face, blow your nose and wipe sticky hands. You can do all this with a tissue, but it will fall apart. Antibacterial wipes are too harsh on faces. Hence the ultra gentle makeup remover wipes.

Peppermint breath mints or gum

You rush out of the house at the last minute and realize that you have that dragon breath that comes from downing two cups of coffee. You’re minutes away from meeting your child’s soccer coach for the first time, and you hear he’s a close talker. What do you do? Mints or gum are a must in your busy mom morning bug out bag. Not just for stinky breath, either. Peppermint gum or mints (the kind made with actual peppermint) are great for nausea and for helping to clear away brain fog.

An energizing snack

*I received the Quaker Breakfast Flats mentioned here for free as part of my participation in the Quaker Blogger Network.

Every Mommy Bug Out Bag needs a great snack to keep you going during those crazy mornings! I'm loving new Quaker Breakfast Flats in my bag!

I can’t eat first thing in the morning. I just can’t. When I’m out running around with Jacob, I suddenly get woozy and famished. I can either bring along a good energizing snack or end up eating his friend’s ice-cream cake for breakfast. Right now, my favorite “go snacks” are Quaker Banana Honey Nut Breakfast Flats. They’re part of the new Breakfast Flats lineup, which also includes Cranberry Almond and Golden Raisin Cinnamon.

These crispy snacks are made with whole grains, real fruits, nuts and seeds. You can actually see them right there, see:

Every Mommy Bug Out Bag needs a great snack to keep you going during those crazy mornings! I'm loving new Quaker Breakfast Flats in my bag!

Each serving comes in a handy little package that you can pop right in your bag and contains three flats. With less than 200 calories per pack and 18 grams of whole grains and plenty of fiber, you’ll feel good about this energizing snack! You’ll also love that there’s no artificial flavors or added colors. The Banana Honey Nut is crazy good! I’ve been on a Quaker Protein Instant Oatmeal Banana Nut kick lately, and this is like a portable version.

Every Mommy Bug Out Bag needs a great snack to keep you going during those crazy mornings! I'm loving new Quaker Breakfast Flats in my bag!

For more information about Quaker’s latest innovations and recipe ideas, visit, or follow the brand on Twitter @Quaker.

Itty bitty lotion

I am crazy stocked up on the itty bitty lotions, so I keep them everywhere. I’m prone to dry skin and it drives me batty. I go with a great scent, that way it sort of doubles as body spray for the mornings that I forget to put it on. Sure, it’s far more subtle, but again, sometimes it’s just the boost I need to give me confidence.


I’m not saying you have to empty out the bank account and stash it in your morning bug out bag, but do keep a few bucks in there just in case. Try to keep different denominations, too. Like maybe a $10, a $5 and a few $1s.  At the last party Jake went to, I had to beg for change for a $20 because all the kids were playing arcade games and I wanted to leave Jake with something, but not everything I had on me, know what I mean. I know everyone things cash is so 2001, but there are times it comes in handy. Like when you really need a cup of coffee and the store’s computer system is down.


I’ve actually left the house, gotten halfway to my destination and realized that I totally forgot to brush my hair. For some people, this isn’t a big deal. For me, I look like Frankenstein’s bride. I try to stash either a hairbrush or a hair tie in my car, my purse and my “go” bag. That way, I can tame my crazy mane one way or another.

Like I said, your mommy bug out bag will likely have different things than mine, depending on your needs. If you take certain medications, you may want to keep some on hand in your bag. If you’re horrible at remembering to charge your phone, stash a charger in there. Think about what you really need every morning, then find some smaller version to stash in your “go” bag. Don’t forget to check out the new Quaker Breakfast Flats! If you do, tell me your favorite flavor!

What’s in your mommy morning bug out bag? Tell me in the comments!