I’ve shared a couple of reviews previously on toys that have featured STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) components. I love how these fields are making their mark on the toy industry, not just in our children’s schools and classrooms. Building toys especially are a great way for kids to practice their early engineering and math skills without even realizing it.

Engage Your Young Engineer's Mind with Magformers Walking Robot Set

Magformers Walking Robot Set Review

Magformers is a company out of Plymouth, Michigan that is an industry leader in building toys for children. They are committed to providing high quality and reliable products that inspire creativity. The Magformers Walking Robot Set pairs classic Magformers geometric shapes with a battery operated engine block as well as additional accessories. By doing this, children can build over 8 robot designs that can move in a walking motion.

My kids don’t usually need a lot of convincing to help me try out building toys, and the Magformers Walking Robot Set was no exception. Upon opening the box we were pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of pieces! There are all sorts of sizes and shapes, and each one is a bright translucent color. Each Walking Robot Set includes:

  • 7 colorful geometric shapes made from BPA free plastic
  • 8 accessories
  • 1 Design booklet with step by step instructions
  • 45 pieces total

My son is in first grade, and had no trouble flipping through the booklet, picking out a robot design, and getting to work. After completing his design, we popped some batteries into the engine block, pressed the on button, and watched his robot scoot across the kitchen table.

Magoformers Walking Robot Set building

Aside from engineering their own robot, my kids were able to do much more with the geometric shapes in this set. They’re free to build pretty much any 3-D design they want with the number of pieces included. Each piece connects with such a sturdy grip, but they are really easy and fun for little hands to work with. This isn’t something where they need to me to snap parts together for them or even help pry them apart.Magformers Walking Robot Set geometric shapes

Magformers has patented technology that stands them apart from other building toys. The tiny neodymium magnets used in their parts are not just super strong, but they are set in each piece still able to rotate and move. This way, the pieces are ‘always attracting.’ This is super convenient for little ones, and makes building so easy. I also want to note that the tiny magnets used in each piece are sonic welded between the plastic (which is also BPA free) to ensure the utmost safety and reliability. When dealing with tiny magnets and kids, its great to see Magformers taking these safety measures.

Magformers has A LOT of building sets available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and themes. Check them out on their websites at www.magformers.com to learn more about their available products, shop, or find retailers near you. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news!

Have your kids ever played with Magformers? Which are their favorite sets?