Every child deserves the chance to celebrate his or her birthday, don’t you think? Birthdays are incredibly special and exciting! It’s one day a year that your child gets to be the center of attention, lavished with delicious cakes, presents and even more affection than usual from everyone they know. Jake looks forward to his birthday all year. In fact, he’s been planning for it since last October, and it’s not until June! Birthdays are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be unlike any other day of the year, at least for children.

Give a child in need the gift of a joyful birthday by helping With My Own 2 Hands! Sponsor a child in Kenya and see their face light up!

Sadly, in so many parts of the world, there are millions of children who never get to experiences the excitement that comes along with birthdays. Many of these kids are living in such poor conditions that their birthday is just another day to fight for survival. Forget the cake, many don’t even know if they’ll have a full meal that day.

Give the Gift of a Birthday Celebration with “My Own Two Hands”

One organization, My Own Two Hands, is working hard to help the children of Kenya, one of the many countries trying to cope with extreme poverty. WMO2H is a non-profit organization that is committed to changing the futures of these children, not just through sustainable solutions to the food, water and shelter issues that plague the country, but also through education.

Give a child in need the gift of a joyful birthday by helping With My Own 2 Hands! Sponsor a child in Kenya and see their face light up!

WMO2H understands the power of a birthday for a child. In addition to everything else they are doing for a brighter future in Kenya, they’ve created a very special birthday sponsorship program to benefit the kids living in St. Ann’s Children’s Home in Kekopey, Kenya. Many of these kids never had the chance to celebrate a birthday before due to lack of resources. Often, the orphanage doesn’t even know the exact date of a child’s birthday because so many kids are abandoned at a young age. For those children, the caretakers make up a birthday so the kids have a special day to celebrate.

As hard as the wonderful caretakers of the St. Ann’s Children’s Home try to give each child a special day, they just don’t have the resources to top it off with a gift. That’s where WMO2H needs our help.

Sponsoring a Birthday with WMO2H

For the cost of $50, you can sponsor a birthday for a child in the St. Ann’s Children’s Home. That $50 buys a new set of clothing for the child as well as a small toy to be opened on the big day. You can also send a personalized card to be delivered with the gift. In exchange, you get a picture of the gifts along with a photo of the child in their new outfit.

Give a child in need the gift of a joyful birthday by helping With My Own 2 Hands! Sponsor a child in Kenya and see their face light up!


Sponsoring is easy. Just visit WMO2H and scroll through the list of birthdays by month. From there, you can choose a child that you would like to surprise with a birthday gift. All the details are there for how to send a personalized greeting card. This is such a great teaching opportunity for your own kids. Getting them involved in sponsoring a birthday teaches them about generosity and helping others. For older children, it’s a good chance to help them understand that not everyone lives in the same conditions that they do and get them brainstorming about ways to help.

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Every child should experience the joy of opening a birthday present on their birthday. With WMO2H, YOU can make that happen for a child in need. Please think about it! Learn more about WMO2H and their other missions to help children. Follow them on Facebook too keep up with news, and on Instagram to see touching updates about their progress.


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