Do you ever wish you could whip up a gourmet dessert that looks pretty as a Pinterest picture and tastes homemade, but without the actual effort? I do every day. Thanks to Doorstep Desserts, though, now I don’t have to wish!

Whip up rich delicious chocolate overload cake truffles in just a few minutes with Doorstep Desserts!

Here’s the thing: I’m pretty well stocked up on baking mixes. I have an entire shelf filled with things that look delicious and honestly don’t require much more effort than dumping a few ingredients in a bowl and baking. It’s the “and baking” part that’s holding me back.

I either don’t have time or the desire to sit there and wait for something to bake. Lazy? Maybe, but honestly, I have very little free time in my life and I’m not one of those girls who finds joy in standing next to a hot oven waiting for her creation to cure (or bake, or whatever it is that things do in an oven). That’s why I’m so insanely enamored right now with Doorstep Desserts. They did all the hard work for me. All I have to do is follow like three directions and eat the result! The hardest part is trying to avoid eating the ingredients before you get through the steps.

Doorstep Desserts: Deliciousness Delivered and Done in Minutes

Doorstep Desserts chocolate cake truffles (1 of 1)-3

When Doorstep Desserts asked if I wanted to try out their tasty subscription service in exchange for a review, it took me about a hot second to reply “for sure!” One look at that week’s offerings and I was smitten. The hardest part was deciding which of their desserts to try out first. I went with the Chocolate Overload Cake Truffles.

The kit came with everything I needed to make amazing homemade-tasting cake truffles in no time at all: two small, already baked cakes, chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate crunchies. All I had to do was follow the directions to whip them up.

The cake included in the kit is so moist and delicious, I had a really hard time not sneaking too much before following the next step (combining it with the buttercream frosting). It doesn’t come across as well in this picture because my kitchen is dark and I was using the flash.

Doorstep Desserts chocolate cake truffles (1 of 1)-5

During the next step: combining the frosting and the cake, I again had a hard time not digging in! Fortunately, since the cake is already made, I could sneak a bite without the risk of salmonella. Always a bonus!

Doorstep Desserts chocolate cake truffles (1 of 1)-7

Once it’s all mixed up, I made sure my hands were really clean, then hand-rolled the cake into little balls to dip into the chocolate crunchies.

Doorstep Desserts chocolate cake truffles (1 of 1)-8

Then I just had to let them refrigerate a bit (less than half an hour, and you could theoretically skip this step if you really can’t wait to try one!). Voila, gourmet dessert in minutes!

Doorstep Desserts chocolate cake truffles (1 of 1)-10

They’re so rich and delicious, you really don’t need to eat many to satisfy your chocolate craving. The number of truffles you can make depends on how big you roll them. I actually ended up with about 15.

Whip up rich delicious chocolate overload cake truffles in just a few minutes with Doorstep Desserts!

How does Doorsteps Desserts work?

Doorsteps Desserts is a subscription-based service. You start by signing up for the plan that best suits your needs. They have weekly, biweekly and monthly plans, so you can get as little or as much dessert as you want. Each kit comes with pre-portioned ingredients and a detailed recipe card. You’ll always have a choice between two desserts. I’m trying their Eclair Cake out next, but the other option for this week is Death by Chocolate Cake.

When your kit arrives, just follow the super simple directions on the card. They’ll even tell you HOW simple the recipe is before you pick it, along with serving sizes and total time to make. Since everything comes pre-packaged and proportioned, there’s no waste and far less mess than baking from scratch. It took me seconds to clean up after making the cake truffles.

Subscriptions cost $15 per kit, and you get enough to share. That’s less than the cost of two fancy desserts at a restaurant (even the non-fancy restaurants around here charge about $5 per slice of pie, plus tip and tax).

Whether your a dessert fanatic or just want to whip up something special for date night or girls’ night in, Doorstep Desserts is a great choice! Check out their website to learn more and order. Follow Doorstep Desserts on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news!

Which dessert would you love to try out? Tell me in the comments!