With the weather outside feeling more like late fall than late spring, I figured we could all use a few fun quotes about summer to remind us that warmer days are coming. They are, right? I mean, my kid is still wearing a heavy coat to the bus stop in the morning! This has to end eventually. Did the seasons change? Was that weird 70-degree week in the winter our new summer? Is it going to snow in July now? I could have sworn we were seconds away from a snow storm the other night. The sky got all grey, the wind got cold and the air had that “right before the snowfall” smell. Thankfully, it didn’t. Snow in April is one thing. Snow in May is just too much. Anyway, enough of my whining about the weather, check out these fun quotes about summer!

My favorite summer quotes

Quotes about Summer: Summertime is always the best of what might be

How right you are, Mr. Bowden. There’s just something magical about summertime, especially when you’re a kid! Remember those days? When summer was like this whole alternate reality and everything had an enchanted feeling to it?

Quotes about Summer: Summer Calms the Winter

Awww, what a lovely sentiment.

Quotes about Summer: Benefit of Summer

Why yes, yes you do! Make sure you take advantage of it by stocking up on tons of great summer reading books! See what I did there? I can internal link with the best of them! Seriously, this is one of my favorite things about summer. Even when the light fades, since I don’t have to get up so early, I love staying up late reading all the books on my huge TBR pile.

Quotes about Summer: Flip Flops and Memories

Since I practically live in flip flops during the summer, all of my memories are made in them. Funny thing, I hated flip flops up until a few years ago. The things between my toes freaked me out. Then one day, they just sort of clicked. Like sweet potatoes. Hated them for a long time too. Now I love them. With marshmallows. MMMM.

Quotes about Summer: Depth of Winter Invincible Summer

No jokes about this one, I actually think this is a fabulously inspiring quote. It’s a good reminder that we all have more strength within us than we realize.

Quotes about Summer: Summer Afternoon

Lovely quote about summer, but to me, two of the most beautiful words in the English language are Snow Day, which only take place in winter. Unless it snows in July. But Snow Day is only beautiful when it gets my kid out of school and lets me sleep in late.

Quotes about Summer Vacation

I totally get what she’s saying. When Jacob and I went on our cruise back in 2010, I didn’t put on enough sunscreen one day. I shed quite a bit of my home skin that night. Little bud also ended up shedding a bit of his home skin when he got chafed by the sand during our Grand Turk excursion.

Although it may not feel like it now, depending on where you live, it will eventually be summer (again, depending on where you live. If you’re in Australia, well, you have to wait a while still). Soon we’ll be grumping about the hot weather and lack of central AC, wishing for this weird unseasonable cold snap again. Then it will get cold again and we’ll whine about how much we miss the sweltering heat. We’re a weird species, aren’t we? Honestly, I can cope with whatever weather comes my way, as long as I get the best part of summer: the part where I don’t have to get up before the birds every morning to take Jake to the bus stop! Hooray for sleeping!

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Do you have any favorite summer quotes?