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Like many people, I take great pride in caring for my own hair and skin. I look for the best possible natural products with the most therapeutic benefits. I have a huge list of ingredients that I try to avoid and I buy only from cruelty-free companies. I also take great pride in being a good pet parent. I love my cats and dogs. They’re family to me.   Alex the Fuzz insists on only the best to keep that handsome mane looking gorgeous! He just heard that Pet Caress makes human-quality spa-like skin care products for pets and says "get shopping, Mom!" After all, with a name like The Fuzz, he has a reputation to uphold!You might be wondering: what does a love of natural skin care products and a love of pets have to do with each other? Up until now, I would have said nothing. Then Pet Caress released their line of natural skin and coat care products for dogs and cats. Now, the two have everything to do with each other! Why? Because now, you can give your pets’ skin and coat the same great attention and care that you give your own skin and hair, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Pet Caress Skincare Products: The Embodiment of “FROM HUMAN TO ANIMAL™”

Pet Caress skincare products for cats and dogs are derived from nature’s gentlest yet most effective resources. Each product is specially formulated for your pets’ skin. Here’s the part that I absolutely LOVE: the products all contain the best spa-like  human quality ingredients.  Basically, if you wouldn’t put it on your own skin, they won’t put it on your pet’s. That means no alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, paba, urea, formaldehyde or other ingredients that most of us are trying to avoid. They stand behing their slogan “FROM HUMAN TO ANIMAL.™” Cooper doesn't want nasty stuff in his skin care products. He says "give me Pet Caress instead!" He knows they only use human-quality products, like the kind you find in a spa! Smart dog, right? What will you find in Pet Caress products? How about all natural ingredients designed to help instantly relieve itchiness and scratching, soothe irritation and control shedding? You’ll also find ingredients designed to control odor, condition your pet’s coat and protect against the sun. As if all that wasn’t fabulous enough, Pet Caress gives back to the animal community with each purchase. Their Humanimal™ advocacy program supports the humane treatment of animals with a percentage of all profits.

My dog Cooper has seasonal allergies and suffers from horribly itchy skin, so I’m planning to pick up their Itch-Be-Gone Soothing Balm to try out on him. Alex the Fuzz and Zoe, two of my cats, both have such different fur from out other cats (Fuzz is, obviously, fuzzier and Zoe has shorter sleek hair). I want to be prepared to keep their coats beautiful and healthy all season long. I love that Pet Caress has a trial kit that lets you try out seven products for $12.50.

Learn more about Pet Caress and shop online now. 

Pet Caress Twitter Party

Join Pet Caress in celebrating National Pet Month with a fun Twitter party on May 9th! You’ll learn more about their outstanding line of therapeutic products and have a chance to win a few really spectacular prizes. Here’s what you need to know to get in on the fun:

Date & Time: May 9th at 2-3PM EST.

Hashtag: #petcaress

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How are you showing your pets extra love and attention during National Pet Month? Tell me in the comments!

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